Thus far, we have examined acceptance, beauty, creativity and detachment as virtues; as strengths of character.  Acceptance empowers us to see and fully recognize where we are, whether having lost and finished our season or won the championship and setting sites on a return; literally or metaphorically..  Beauty engages us to see the potential, wherever we are.  Creativity is that virtue of mapping the way to where that potential lies.  Detachment allows us to do so, with discernment, thoughtfulness and mindfulness.

Next up, excellence.  Excellence is often seen as a result when, at its best, it is a virtue; an approach to achieving results.

Virtues- ExcellenceSo, when and how do we practice it?  Watch this clip from Alan Stevens out of London… on the comfort zone and excellence.  It is an interesting take on the zone and our approach to it.  It got me thinking that excellence really has two faces… the approach to preparation and the approach to delivery.

In Joe Calloway‘s work and his latest book, Magnetic, you get the sense that better is different; that better is your strategic advantage.  We get to better by crafting and practicing.  We get to better by working on it; and that requires an approach of excellence.

So, excellence is a virtue practiced in the preparation.  It is a result in our work delivered.  Maybe this is the connection to Alan‘s commentary on the comfort zone.  When delivering our service or product, the preparation is to ensure that we are in our comfort zone upon delivery.  This makes sense to me.  We work hard to put ourselves in a place where we can deliver on excellence, by practicing excellence in our preparations.

Excellence is a virtue… a strength of character.  It is practiced in our learning the craft.  It is demonstrated in delivering the craft.  It has its time and place… in the preparation and the delivery… and the follow up.

Speaking of follow up… in our next post, we will further explore the matter of excellence.  Until then…

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy

Some musical excellence in delivery… consider the practice that got it there.