Our Projects

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 global goals for a better world by 2030, and beyond. We focus our work on the vital importance of character driven education and leadership, to lead, inspire, educate and unite in supporting all of it

If your classroom, company or community sees these as the new path and opportunities, we can help with building the leadership and team… from students to staff to stakeholders. 

We serve at school, work, business and community to build strong, united cultures that prosper and contribute to a better world.  We help you build and lead such diverse and united cultures, classrooms, companies, communities and conferences.

For us, this is the real stuff, and we bring it.  I personally deliver on it through speaking, coaching and development in character leadership and education. 

My enduring expertise is character leadership and education.  I speak, teach, coach, facilitate, lead, write, sing, dance, cartoon and create on it. 

We and I do it (virtually and in person) through keynotes, breakouts, workshops, seminars, coaching, writing, acting, singing, cartooning, dancing, blogging, vlogging and so much more.

The Virtues Project: Enterprise

EPIC and The Virtues Project™The longer road.  Our organizational development work is inspired and infused by the work of The Virtues Project™.  In delivering business leadership and service training, we weave the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ as the foundation...

19 Free Services

At Epic Engage™, we offer 19 free programs … for a better world. With that in mind, and in honor of #bestlittledogintheworld Panda, we offer the following free and unleashed.


Officially launching in Summer 2020, TUGtv™ (on Vimeo) will offer shows centering on those global goals, justice, health and more.

A Fit of Purpose

A Fit of Purpose

Best fit applies to business planning and life living. What I have been studying, consulting, acting and reflecting on over these last few weeks has centered around the thought and work of Linda Kavelin-Popov and the business coaching of Joe Calloway.

Find What Works

Find What Works

I write and deliver on exploring Character, Purpose and Unity… as forces for great change… at school, work, business and community. Part of that is about finding our “fit” over “fitting in”. Part of that is finding what works for us. Here, I explore some simple thoughts.

4 Commands Meant

4 Commands Meant

Joe Calloway wrote a book I love called, “Be the Best at What Matters Most”. I am thinking that there are lessons for me this day. Being the best at what matters most to who we best serve is vital for a sustainable and sustaining success. It also starts from within, I am thinking.

EPICworld: The Epic Speakernet

The Epic Speakernet™ is all about speaking, the profession, and the craft and service that it can and must provide. It is a speaker bureau led by speakers, based out of and serving Newfoundland and Labrador. It is a network of professional speakers, who deliver on content-rich work right here on the Rock and in the Big Land.

The Crew and Speakernet

We have a fun, creative and engaging team here at Epic Engage™. We have the 14 member (and growing) broadCAST™ Team. We have the 20 member (and growing) EPIC Speakernet. But, beyond that, and grounding us all, there is our core CREW.