Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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On Booking Barry…

Educate, lead, unite and inspire… and have more fun being your best.  Barry and Epic Engage™ move the needle on that.  Ultimately, we help educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders:

  • educate and lead with character, strength and joyful excellence
  • unite strong, diverse cultures of purpose, talent and capacity
  • inspire learning cultures of flourishing creativity and growth.

To determine his and our capacity to serve, please consider …



What importance do you place on EXCELLENCE?  How important is:

  • leading, living and teaching with high character and strength?
  • inspiring those around us to be excellence driven; aligning purpose and consistent practice?
  • motivating cultures at school, family, work and community… joyful, creative, learning, diverse, united?


How important is an all in culture to your GROWTH?  How important is:

  • building a clear and united vision of collective capacity to work together in service?
  • celebrating and optimizing the diversity of all… in collaboration, mutual support and unity?
  • finding your unique, distinguishing and strategic advantage born of what everyone brings to the table?


How vital is creativity in harnessing and embracing CHANGE? How important is:

  • fostering excellence in engagement, interaction, collaboration and service?
  • building powerful learning cultures as a source of imagination and originality?
  • being more resourceful and better able to serve through constructive change and innovation?


Planning a meeting, program or event?.  We are ready, and resourceful.  Through keynotes, breakouts, seminars, workshops, courses, programs, coaching and consulting alike, Barry Lewis Green and EPIC Engage™ serve campuses, companies, conferences and communities.

We speak, engage, facilitate, MC, and dialogue with youth and adults in powerful and equal measure… and work with associations, companies and organizations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors… students, community agencies, First Nations and immigrant communities.

Plenaries, breakouts and concurrents, we do that.  We deliver on the platform, through in-house training and facilitation and through public events, including online coaching and programs, retreats and advances, workshops and courses.  Indeed, we speak, write, and deliver through keynotes, seminars, workshops, courses, programs, coaching, consulting, books, blogs, video, PODcasts, singing, dancing and cartooning… and all of our services and products.  We are resourceful.

In so doing, our approach to fully delivering on our speaking services includes:

  • pre-event research and interviews
  • customized promotional videos and bios
  • presentation and materials
  • access to summary e-content for all participants
  • Epic Engage™ evaluations
  • partnered video rights
  • access to follow up online video content



CMHA had the pleasure of inviting Barry to a staff development day. In one word AWESOME! Barry Performwas very energetic, interactive, and effective. The experience allowed us to see how, while we are all very different in our personalities and skill sets, we all have the potential to contribute positively both professionally and personally. — Beverley Hiscock, Canadian Mental Health Association


Barry Lewis Green is ultimately a strength coach and educator.  His work is about exploring, identifying, practicing, celebrating and mastering our strengths of character and building upon them to move the needle on strength, unity, resourcefulness and excellence.  Consider:blg-sing

  • 20+ years in business education and coaching.
  • 15,000+ contact hours in speaking, training and facilitating!
  • 35+ years in speaking, educating, managing and leading!!
  • 1500+ clients coached!!!
  • delivered to audiences as large as 4,000
  • presented and performed in front of over 200,000 people of all ages and backgrounds
  • Master Facilitator with the Virtues Project™
  • Facilitator with Personality Dimension®
  • brought his inimitable energy to entertain and engage at events hosting some of the most accomplished speakers and thought leaders in the world.
  • Vocalist and Rocker
  • Author and Writer
  • Dancer
  • Cartoonist

For more, go here.



L7™: The FUNdamentals of Strong Cultures

Also affectionately called L’Attitudes™, in 1-7 hours (yes, this one is expandable), Barry talks, dialogues, listens, sings, dances and cartoons joyful excellence by addressing 7 elements that begin with L7the letter L.  Built for youth and adults alike, the session is fun, engaging and rich in content … and addresses leadership, confidence, team building, connection, communications, balance, stress, and a whole lot more.  It is about character, capacity and creativity.  The session is about the best in leadership; individually and collectively.  This keynote is every bit epic.  It engages.  And it is fun!  Most importantly, it charges us up and empowers simple and fundamental truths and strategies for “getting ‘er done” at school, family, work, or community.  And it is customized to your needs!  Barry has worked in the public, private and community sectors and he speaks your language.  Bottom line is that you will likely be challenged and you will love every minute of it!

The S.U.R.E. Thing™

Barry Lewis Green and Epic EducatorEngage™ believe and contend that learning is the path to excellence, growth and change… and that it is the prerequisite for great leadership.  The S.U.R.E Thing™ (aka The Educator in You™) explores the encouragement of character, capacity and creativity at school, family, work and community.  It introduces The S.U.R.E Thing™… the idea that strength, unity and resourcefulness lead to excellence.  It is the best leadership.  This does not mean added work.  It does mean that we need to consider simple and powerful strategies for engaging strength and growth through learning and education at work, school and beyond… to advance strength, unity and resourcefulness.   It is grounded in character, builds capacity and ignites creativity; for epic results.   This keynote is epic.  It engages.  It celebrates.  It challenges.  And it is fun!  Most importantly, it fuels real and sustainable results on the ground, in the classroom, at work, and in the community.  You will be challenged and love every minute of it!



We advance noble leadership; the kind of leadership that builds cultures that are excellence driven.  BLGNoble leadership is born of principle and high character; trustworthy and epic.   With The EPIC Leader™ we help you:

  • lead, live and teach with high character and strength
  • align purpose and consistent practice, and
  • work together in powerful and united action


Unique capacity is about finding your distinct and strategic advantage; based on your character, capacitiesknowledge, skills, abilities and talents… and the needs of your clients, customers, audience and all stakeholders.  It is about finding that crossroads between all you have to give and all that is needed in those you serve.  Therein lies a path to excellence; optimizing capacity to serve.  That is the capaCITIES™ Course of Action. We focus on what you bring to the table; what everyone brings to the table, as the potential and promise to serve with excellence.  We focus on wholehearted education and capacity to:

  • identify and celebrate the powers of your entire team
  • build a remarkable unity of purpose, based on unique capacity, and
  • leverage the strategic advantage of all forms of diversity


Creativity is the power of imagination.  It unleashes our originality.  It makes us resourceful and better able to serve.  It fosters engaged learning, for Flourishexcellence.  Flourishing creativity has a life of its own.  It is entrepreneurial.  We are passionate about education and building powerful learning cultures; and that starts with flourishing creativity.   We affectionately call it thunderstanding and enlightening.  We help you build engaged cultures of learning and creativity, driven by excellence in service.  That is FLOURISH™.  We create cool conversations through speaking, listening, dialoguing, singing, dancing, creating and more; and all with purpose.  We get results. You will be challenged and love every minute of it.  We do it through:

  • encouraging a depth and breadth of entrepreneurial content and dialogue
  • exploring an array of creative forums including media, music, dance, and cartooning, and
  • engaging a lot of creative fun

OUR Rock Conference Package

We call it the ROCK Conference™ Package, because we like to rock the message.  And what is the message?  We build strong, united and inspired cultures lead by character… at school, work and community; where everyone matters and contributes everyday.  That message comes in three Singpieces.  FIRST, character, capacity and creativity rock… in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors; engaging youth and the young at heart.  SECOND, in understanding this.. we are in it together.  THIRD, epic results are possible and probable and promised, when we understand the strength of joyful excellence.  The ROCK Conference Package includes speaking, breakouts, cartooning, dancing, singing and soooo much more; we had to give it a page here.




Barry Lewis Green Onesheet 2016



I had the distinct pleasure of being in an audience in Montreal with Barry Lewis Green on the stage. Quite simply, Barry absolutely captivated us with his talent, his message, and his heart. The feeling of unity that Barry created in the room that day was extraordinary. I absolutely recommend him for your meeting or event. — Joe Calloway,

I have heard Barry as a presenter a number of years ago and have to say out loud that he is a stellar speaker. Engaging! Magnetic! I have seen many (understatement) speakers and have yet to be as impressed as I was by Barry. I highly recommend anyone reading to venture a conversation with this guy and not get excited about everything! — Angie Smith, Director of Programs and Services at Newfoundland and Labrador Brain Injury Association

Barry went above and beyond our expectations for the weekend, engaging the youth on a level we did not expect… to know that someone believed in them, and that they could believe in themselves…  — Lesley Butler, Executive Director, Open Door Community Youth Network

Barry Lewis Green was absolutely wonderful as a speaker on our staff retreat. He was exceptionally personable as well as flexible! He made connections with the group as a whole and as well with each and every individual. Barry has the ability to make each and every member of your team feel important and valued. It is a wonderful skill! — Franca Smith, Senior Analyst, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

It was a great day yesterday. Thanks so much for being part of CSCNL’s ACE work in the area. As you know we wanted this day to be different and it was. People had a really good time and got a lot of take-aways. For sure the messages I had hoped you would convey were really well embedded in the session. — Penny Rowe, Executive Director, Community Sector Council

Barry is one of the most genuinely dedicated people that I have ever met. We have been colleagues in the speaking industry for several years now and I am always inspired by his passion for community and equality for all. I am honoured to have him in my network. — Toni Newman,


A Taste of Keynote



A Taste of Breakout



Some Clients


Waypoints NL

The Open Door Community Youth Network

Choices for Youth

THRIVE, The Community Youth Network

College of the North Atlantic

Keyin College

Memorial University of Newfoundland

The Nova Scotia Community College


The Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Municipalities Newfoundland and Labrador

Professional Municipal Administrators

The Federal Government of Canada

The Government of Manitoba



The Community Sector Council

Women’s Resource Development Council



Genoa Design International

Provincial Airlines

Noble Drilling

The Crosbie Group of Companies

The Cahill Group


Our Calendar of Events

Barry is a professional and committed business educator at the College of the North Atlantic, engaging students some 30 hours a week.  He loves it, and brings his excellence and enthusiasm to it throughout the year.  In and amidst this ongoing work, Barry delivers as a speaker and coach to clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  Interested in working with Barry and Epic Engage™?  Contact us and we will see what we can do.  We try our very best to serve.

Contact us today.


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