Yes, we call it the ROCK Conference™ Package, because we like to rock the message; and we bring multiple “platforms” to it.  TOGETHER, STRONG.  Epic Engage™ helps campuses, companies, communities and conferences…

  • educate and lead with character, love, unity and excellence
  • unite strong, diverse cultures of purpose, talent and capacity
  • inspire learning cultures of flourishing creativity and growth

… in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  In doing so, we are in it together.  Epic results are possible and probable and promised when we understand the strength of joyful excellence.  And we like to ROCK that message.

How?  Speaking, facilitating, training, coaching. mentoring, singing, dancing, cartooning, improv and more.  Barry can bring it all.  You can engage a keynote and add a range of breakouts, and even some Baraoke for your dance! Real, relevant, rich and random, yup.


Barry is compassionately honest. He has the talent to say what needs to be said in a way that people “get” it. His honesty and intelligence come through whether he is presenting on stage or just hanging out with friends. And…have you heard him sing? Man… he has a set of lungs that can wail a tune. Talented, smart and funny, when he takes the stage, he commands the stage.

Lea Brovedani

We can serve your conference… or create a conference experience online or in person.  We have the Epic Speakernet… and Barry’s range of talents and services offered and ready for:


Consider these POWERFUL EXCELLENCE DRIVEN MESSAGES with FUN!  Consider these a veritable buffet table of choice to add energy and content to your conference.  All are grounded in together, strong… advancing leadership, team building and creativity.

Through these sessions, and using speaking, facilitating, coaching, creativity, song, dance. art and more. We explore and advance character, leadership, unity and excellence.  Consider the range and reach.  We can mix and match and design from here.