Working with EMERGENTS

Barry was the highlight of our event, he was inspiring to a wide range of people from youth to seniors.  He understands how people learn and presents it in a fun environment. Barry was able to relate his message to our organization in a way that he captures you from beginning to end. —  Angie Kerfont, Communities in Schools

Epic Engage™ believes in what we call the Emergents™, emerging leaders in community … and supports students, youth, social enterprise and community development; working with schools, community centers, and varied community agencies alike.  Emergents are the young and old and in between, who are rising up to help lead change in the private, public and community sectors locally and around the world.  Our intent is to be a source of social good as we believe and contend that our true merit lies in service and virtue.  We do it through these 5 major initiatives.

1. Our Community Rates

Epic Engage Strong™ offers very special rates and services to support community and youth development… and emerging leaders.  Consider our bodies of work:




We love our work.  And, in so doing, we serve the following organizations and agencies with pro bono service, special rates, commitments and packages.  If you are not on the list, you could be.  Let us chat.  We wish to serve, and we can.  Ask us about our Community Training and Service packages. In 2020 and beyond, we choose to support the following incredible service initiatives:

MC Work and Pro Bono Sessions and Training

Volunteer MENTORSHIP and Support


Local and National Business Community


 2. Affordable Coaching for Emerging Leaders

We offer online and group coaching that is accessible and affordable.  Click here for more.

3. The Mac Green Community Construction Project™

This initiative is dedicated to Barry’s dad; Malcolm (Mac) George Green.  Through it, we are helping to build what we call STRONG CENTERS™ which draw upon the work of the global Virtues Project™ … bringing leadership training to leaders, volunteers and youth in community centers, not-for-profit organizations and youth services and agencies alike… with community accessible rates and platforms.  We fully certify practitioners and facilitators through the The Virtues Project™.  This training is systemic and culture building; no “one off” approaches here.  We work to build Certified STRONG CENTERS™;  delivering with high end Virtues Project™ and associated training.  We dig deep and we build high, and certify you to deliver in your own space.

Connect with us today to dialogue on how we can bring this body of work, in service.

At Epic Engage™, we believe in the importance of emerging leaders who are world embracing and noble hearted, and we intend to serve you.

For the Emergents, we say…

CONNECT with us today…

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