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Barry knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. His calming and joyful personality makes you feel completely comfortable and brings out the best in anyone. He is always encouraging and very positive. If you want to be motivated and discover something about yourself in a fun atmosphere, call Barry. — Frances Puglisevich, Puglisevich Inc.

Communitrepreneurs … you are running both social and Youth at Workprivate enterprises with the intent of serving and building genuine prosperity and better communities by their work and service.  Entrepreneurship demands more of us these days.  The challenge to move our businesses, organizations and communities forward and together demands strength of character and culture alike.  It demands knowledge, skills and abilities.  It demands temperament and character to ride and even create the waves.  Barry is a business educator and community builder for four decades.  Epic Engage™ is a leadership development company that helps world embracing companies and social enterprises …

  • educate and lead with character, strength and joyful excellence
  • unite strong, diverse cultures of purpose, talent and capacity
  • inspire learning cultures of flourishing creativity and growth.

Yes, we call you Communitrepreneurs™.  Engagement of business in community is crucial; engagement of the diversity of colleagues, customers, clients and community volunteers.

Our focus is on building strong, united and resourceful businesses, and workplaces that flourish and prosper… and contribute.  Together, strong.  In our work, we help entrepreneurs advance strong cultures of what we call joyful excellence… that serve.  In doing so, we deliver keynotes, seminars, workshops and programs… and we design customized coaching sessions and programs around character leadership that unites, moves and inspires.


L7™: Leadership FUNdamentals

Joyful excellence is a state of being and doing; and it builds the foundation for healthy and robust tenacity in a world of change.  Sustaining and sustainable success in business demands it.  With L7™, Barry talks, dialogues, listens, sings, dances and cartoons joyful excellence by addressing 7 elements that begin with the letter L.  Built for entrepreneurs, the session is fun, engaging and rich in content … and addresses leadership, confidence, team building, connection, communications, balance, stress, and a whole lot more.  It helps build cultures ready for the world.  For more on L7™, go to Event Planner Central.  Bottom line is that you will likely be challenged and you will love every minute of it!

C4: The Educator in You™

Barry Lewis Green and Epic EducatorEngage™ believe and contend that education is the path to excellence, growth and change… and that it is the prerequisite for great leadership.  C4: The Educator in You™ (aka Honor the Hero™ ) explores the encouragement of character, capacity, creativity and consistency in business.  It focuses on education as leadership. We consider powerful strategies to advance strength, unity and resourcefulness. … advancing excellence.  This keynote celebrates the power that is LEADUCATION™ and the understanding that great education is great leadership.  It will engage the Leaducator™ in us all.  Go to Event Planner Central.  It is worth the exploration.


The EPIC Leader 

We advance noble leadership; the kind of leadership that is on a cool mission and builds cultures that are excellence driven.  It is born of principle and high character; trustworthy and epic.  It is fiercely focused on purpose.  It is grounded in 5 core questions and answers that provide assured focus that gets our own ducks in order.  All those competing responsibilities and demands become truly manageable as we walk our talk.   With The EPIC Leader™ we help you:

  • lead, live and teach with high character and strength
  • align purpose and consistent practice, and
  • work together in powerful and united action

the capaCITIES™ Course of Action

Unique capacity is about finding your distinct and strategic advantage; based on your character, knowledge, skills, abilities and talents… and the needs of your clients, customers, audience and all stakeholders.  It is about finding that crossroads between all you have to give and all that is needed in those you serve.  Therein lies a path to excellence; optimizing capacity to serve.  That is the capaCITIES™ Course of Action. Through speaking, listening, dialoguing, cartooning, singing and dancing, we work together to focus on what you bring to the table; what everyone brings to the table, as the potential and promise to serve with excellence.  We help you:

  • identify and celebrate the powers of your entire team
  • build a remarkable unity of purpose, based on unique capacity, and
  • leverage the strategic advantage of all forms of diversity


Creativity is the power of imagination.  It unleashes our originality.  It makes us resourceful and better able to serve.  It fosters engaged learning, for excellence.  Flourishing creativity has a life of its own.  It is entrepreneurial.  We are passionate about education and building powerful learning cultures; and that starts with flourishing creativity.  We affectionately call it thunderstanding and enlightening.  We help you build engaged cultures of learning and creativity, driven by excellence in service.  That is FLOURISH™.  We create cool conversations through speaking, listening, dialoguing, singing, dancing, creating and more; and all with purpose.  We get results. You will be challenged and love every minute of it.  We do it through:

  • encouraging a depth and breadth of entrepreneurial content and dialogue
  • exploring an array of creative forums including media, music, dance, and cartooning, and
  • engaging a lot of creative fun

The 5×5™

5×5™ shares experiences, thoughts and even insights on temperament and character at school, work, business and community… with a fierce focus on generational differences and bridges and how awareness can build understanding and strength of culture.  Here, we consider the generations and the temperaments to walk away with a better understanding of both ourselves and others and the beauty that is the 5×5™.

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