Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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5th Strategy Coaching™

Barry is one of the most energetic and creative people I have ever had the privilege to work with. He has a unique ability to see through the bull and find the core of any situation or problem, and then offer a suggestion on how to move forward. He is a survivor, and he can coach the same in others. If you ever need to create engagement, or a new direction in thinking in either you or your team, you’d better call Barry, because no one has his energy, humour or ability to get results. —  Paul Kearley, Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc.


At Epic Engage™, we offer 7 online coaching and certification services under the banner of 5th Strategy Coaching™.  Listed here in detail, this “syllabus” page has some length but the trip down the page is worth it. 




1. BOLD SCHOOL™ for Communitrepeneurs

group coaching forum for community leaders, locally and globally

Real time, real world leadership that gets results throughout community; that is BOLD SCHOOL™… online.  It is designed and intended for advancing leadership for emerging leaders.  Here, you will find 30-minute live video engagement with practical exercises for leadership development, monthly, and exclusively offered to members.  The live videos are fun, engaging and customized for BOLD SCHOOL™ membership.  Imagine an online coaching program accessible, affordable, repeatable and at your pace… delivering online and video-based programming that engages on making a real and lasting difference.  Delivered by Barry Lewis Green, the experience in leadership and education is real and remarkable.  BOLD School™ draws upon a unique and deep experience and includes the following:

  • Membership online in BOLD SCHOOL Coaching™ (ongoing membership)
  • Delivery Tools: Monthly Live Video plus Articles and Exercises delivered Weekly and Ongoing
  • Completion of First Year earns a BOLD SCHOOL Leadership™ Certificate
  • Investment: One Time Fee of $49.00 CDN plus HST per participant

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2. STRONG SCHOOL™for Educators

live leadership coaching forum for world embracing educators

Online and live leadership coaching that is accessible, affordable, repeatable and at your pace; that is STRONG SCHOOL™; an ongoing video-based coaching initiative that engages powerful and practical leadership strategies for educators to educate, lead, unite and inspire.  This program is self paced, results driven and continuous.  It is designed for the educator that seeks to make that lasting impact and difference.  Once in, you are in; and for a one-time fee.

Run by Barry Lewis Green and Trent Langdon … it is designed for existing and aspiring educators.  Through monthly 30-minute online video delivery, plus articles and weekly posts, we offer 35 years of recognized expertise in leadership and education, including:

  • Membership online in STRONG SCHOOL™ (Ongoing)
  • Delivery Tools: Monthly Live Video, plus Articles and Exercises delivered Weekly and Ongoing
  • Completion of First Year earns a STRONG SCHOOL Leadership™ Certificate
  • Investment: One Time Fee of $99.00 CDN plus HST per participant

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3. TECH Tock™ for Entrepreneurs

live leadership coaching forum for world embracing entrepreneurs

TECH Tock™ is for entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference, and a living.  It is cool and constructive, with monthly live video feeds where Barry goes online and exclusive to the TECH Tock™ Community…. with information, activities and exercises for practice.  With TECH Tock™, the talk is via tech… examining matters of engagement of customers, clients, and colleagues, in the real world and real time.  It is based on Barry’s 35 years of business, leadership and speaker training and development.  Each session is live and 30 minutes; and tackles some aspect of small business leadership… including how we present ourselves to the world.  The online delivery of this program includes:

  • Membership online in the TECH Tock™ Community (Ongoing)
  • Delivery Tools: Live Video, plus Articles and Exercises delivered Weekly
  • Completion of First Year earns a TECH Tock™ Leadership Certificate
  • Investment: One Time Fee of $95.00 CDN plus HST per participant



4. COMMAND Speaker Coaching™

higher end, one-on-one coaching for speakers, educators and emerging leaders

COMMAND Coaching™ is our personal leadership and speaker coaching package; higher end, deep on character… and intense.  Ultimately, it is designed with you.  We design it together, for your best results.

Barry’s world class experience in leadership, training and speaking is real and remarkable.  He does indeed have  35+ years in speaking, educating, managing and leading, and over 15,000 contact hours in speaking, Command of Charactertraining, and facilitating… with over 1500 clients coached.  He has spoken to audiences as large as 4,000 with Premiers and Governors for opening ceremonies.  He has been engaged at the national level as a Board member with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.  He has stood in front of literally hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds and captured and held their attention, by being himself at his best.

Then, as a Master Facilitator with the Virtues Project™ and a Facilitator with Personality Dimension®, he is an expert on exploring character and temperament, and aligning style as a communicator and leader who humbly commands attention.  He has lead countless projects and teams in the classroom and in the private, public and not-for profit sectors.  He brings it all to COMMAND Coaching™. 

This is world class speaker and/or leader coaching made accessible and drawing on the one and only experience and expertise of Barry Lewis Green as a speaker, speaker coach and strategic leader over 30 years… locally, nationally and internationally.  Barry has worked with no less than 3,000 speakers and leaders in training.  His emphasis and expertise is on character as personal power and ultimate “brand”… as that speaker and leader.

COMMAND Coaching™ is designed for you, and ONLINE.  This program is fantastic for those who need to command their best to inspire themselves and others; and get real results.  It kicks it and is conducted over 4 sessions; with the option to continue building beyond.

  • Duration: 4 60-minute one-on-one online sessions
  • Delivery Tool: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Command
  • Membership in COMMAND Coaching™ on Facebook (ongoing resource base)
  • Investment:  $495.00 CDN plus HST

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customized coaching for educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders

This is our leadership coaching, by design.  EPIC Design™ works with you.  It is character-driven coaching, co-designed and delivered. Here, through online connection, we bring and offer world class and recognized expertise in character leadership. Each EPIC Design™ program includes the following:

  • Content: Customized as per Needs Consultation… CONTACT US
  • Delivery Tools: Online Media and The EPIC Blueprint™ for Personal Leadership
  • Ongoing Membership in Epic Design GLOBAL™
  • Investment: $195.00 CDN plus HST per hour; $495 for 3 hours; $995.00 for 10 hours



6. The LIFE/workshop™

purpose coaching for educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders

The LIFE/workshop™ (aka The LIFEleadership Course™) is indeed an accelerant.

Barry Lewis Green has engaged leaders and leadership development for well over 3 decades.  Drawing on his work with thousands of leaders, this program delivers on knowing who you are, where you are going and walking that walk with sure step.  It is focused and personalized leadership coaching, in 8 weeks.  It is intense and fun!  At core, The LIFE/workshop™  is the result of Barry’s 35 year love and study and application of What Color is Your Parachute? by Richard Bolles… and his own work in leadership.  Barry brings his perspective… and his work as a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™ and as a Facilitator of Personality Dimensions®.  This program delivers on clarity and confidence; and personal leadership.  It is remarkable in its content… and accessible in its price.  Think of it as powerful strategic engagement for your life, work and career.  Want to set and achieve a clear course at school, work or community?  Invest in yourself.  Invest in The LIFE/workshop™, fasten your seat belt and enjoy the ride. 🙂

Duration: 4 1-hour group sessions online (groups of 3 participants).  Content covers Personality, Temperament and Awareness… Character, Confidence and Certitude … Purpose and Passion.  The program includes:

  • Delivery Tools: The EPIC Blueprint™ for LIFE/work Leadership
  • Membership in The LIFE/workshop Forum™ on Facebook (ongoing)
  • Investment: $245.00 CDN plus HST per participant
  • It is recommended to purchase What Color is Your Parachute? as a resource

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facilitator certification for leaders, educators, coaches, and speakers 

Add to your skill set and tool belt; and connect more powerfully with those you serve and lead.  Train as a Globally Certified Facilitator for The Virtues Project™.  Marion’s Way™ is designed to help speakers, coaches, educators, and leaders more effectively understand and reach ALL of their potential and actual clients, colleagues, teams and audiences.  As a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™, a Certified Facilitator with Personality Dimensions®, a 30+ year corporate trainer and a 20+ year business college educator, Barry knows the dynamics of serving a myriad of temperaments and Marions Wayperspectives, often in the same room.  The intent of this coaching program is to engage and empower in such a way that the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ become an everyday approach to connection and success; on the ground and sustained.  The strategies are powerful and augment all other learning delivery systems and approaches.  Here, you become a Certified Virtues Project™ Facilitator, individually coached by Barry, Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project™ since 2007.  The Certification empowers participants to facilitate this remarkable and globally recognized material at school, family, work and community… and effectively weave it into their own body of work and expertise.

  • Duration: 6 3-hour small group live sessions
  • Content: Virtues Project™ Certified Facilitator Training including 16 hours of weekly exercises
  • Delivery Tools: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Success, Virtues Project™ Facilitator Training Kit
  • On going Membership in STRONG SCHOOL GLOBAL™ (see below)
  • Investment: $395.00 CDN plus HST per participant
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And for more Virtues Project™ Coaching, click here.

Working a common vision produces uncommon results.  Epic and real engagement demands both caring and commitment to a common vision; but if our people are not engaged together then client and community satisfaction tanks, and prosperity vanishes.   —- Barry Lewis Green


Striving to better educate, lead, unite and inspire?

CONTACT us today.





















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