COMMAND Leadership Coaching™

COMMAND Coaching™ is our personal leadership and speaker coaching package; higher end, deep on character… and intense, in the best of ways. Ultimately, it is designed with you. We design it together, for your best results.

Barry’s world-class experience in leadership, training and speaking is real and remarkable.  He does indeed have  40 years in speaking, educating, managing and leading, and over 20,000 contact hours in speaking, training, and facilitating… with over 1500 clients coached.  He has spoken to audiences as large as 4,000 with Premiers and Governors for opening ceremonies.  He has been engaged at the national level as a Board member with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.  He has stood in front of literally hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds and captured and held their attention, by being himself at his best.

Then, as a Master Facilitator with the Virtues Project™ and a Facilitator with Personality Dimension®, he is an expert on exploring character and temperament, and aligning style as a communicator and leader who humbly commands attention.  He has lead countless projects and teams in the classroom and in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  He brings it all to COMMAND Coaching™.  

This is world-class speaker and/or leader coaching made accessible and drawing on the one and only experience and expertise of Barry Lewis Green as a speaker, speaker coach and strategic leader over 30 years… locally, nationally and internationally.  Barry has worked with no less than 3,000 speakers and leaders in training.  His emphasis and expertise is on character as personal power and ultimate “brand”… as that speaker and leader.

What is covered?  Well, it depends on you and your needs, but our baseline is:

  • understanding the importance of character in communicating our message
  • learning the science of character and its application to how we deliver on message
  • exploring 5 proven strategies for building our capacity to lead, educate, unite and inspire
  • practising real-world strategies and tactics for presenting ourselves to the world

COMMAND Coaching™ is designed for you, and ONLINE.  This program is fantastic for those who need to command their best to inspire themselves and others and get real results.  It kicks it and is conducted over 4 sessions; with the option to continue building beyond.

  • Duration: 4 60-minute individual online sessions
  • Delivery Tool: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Command
  • Investment:  $495.00 CDN plus HST