Move forward together, stronger.

Humans. Together. Strong. We work one to one, and in small and larger groups with Entrepreneurs, Educators and Emerging Leaders seeking to unite, inspire, more effectively respond to change and constructively create it.

Once upon a time, to unite and inspire used to be a “good thing” for leaders to do.  It was a nice thought… a “get around to”…  mom and apple pie stuff.  Hold hands.  Sing Kumbaya.

That time is done.  Time to fiercely unite and inspire.  Without it… division, distraction, defeat.  With it… stand, deliver and win; however we best define it. What shall it be?


It is getting heavy out there.  Time for the heavy lifting… unite and inspire style. 

It’s what we do. 

The rules have all changed. They’re about to change again and going forward.  Change is consistently at the gate… change of the rules and even the game itself.

There is no choice. REALLY.  Forward together, stronger; all hands on deck, valued and valuable.  United and inspired.  It’s game time, and a new game!   

Today’s unprecedented challenges in the world require a cool strength of character, purpose and unity at school, work, business and community; a strong rudder, anchor and north star to navigate and create constructive change and true prosperity.  

As leaders looking to successfully respond to change… and make constructive change happen, on the ground, real-world, real-time… we need to unite and inspire in doing so. 

  • How do leaders unite and inspire when they have to in facing and forging change?
  • How do you bring people together when you have to bring people together?
  • How do we unite and inspire in this world of uncertainty, change, and challenge?

At Epic Engage™, we serve…

… in the classroom, understanding the impact and opportunity they have to affect the world in all arenas of human endeavor… through their teaching and their capacity to lead, inspire, educate and unite; to be that teacher who makes such a difference.

… running both social and private enterprises with the intent of serving and building genuine and sustainable prosperity … and better communities … by their work and service; and supporting the global goals… locally, globally or glocally.

… young and young in spirit… and all ages and generations … who are rising up to help lead constructive change in the private, public and community sectors locally and around the globe… for an ever better and emerging world… for us all.

Yes, we work one to one, and in small and larger groups …

with Entrepreneurs, Educators and Emerging Leaders who seek to unite and inspire…

to more effectively respond to change… and constructively create it.  

We help you…

 … educate and lead with character, strength and joyful excellence
… unite strong, diverse cultures of purpose, talent and capacity
… inspire learning cultures of flourishing creativity and growth.

There is an urgency.

We can help. Engage us. We will engage you.

Let’s go do this.

Sharpen the Blades

Sharpen the Blades

I am moving towards what I call “re-tire meant”, from full time college teaching … on June 30. A new Chapter is about to consciously and unconsciously unfold. Sharpen the Blades will be a pseudo journal-like exercise applying my own work to my path forward.

The Fruits of Focus

The Fruits of Focus

While I await the results of tests and investigate health mysteries at this time, I am focused on working towards optimal health, forging and fortifying my own sacred spaces of time and place. Some thoughts on focus.

A Stoic Summer

A Stoic Summer

The Watchers have been at work it seems. These past few days have been “interesting”. These past few days have been Soul shaking. And, now I am taking on a Stoic Summer. Hope you join me, on the journey.

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