Lead. Inspire. Educate. Unite.

You are an Activant … an Educator, Entrepreneur or Emerging Leader who is looking to make constructive change happen, on the ground, real-world, real-time.

You are world-embracing and noble-hearted. You seek to mobilize a strong, united and character-driven team to change the world or your corner of it.

You want to lead, inspire, educate and unite in doing so. 

Let’s go build a better world!

Forward together, stronger.  That is the Epic Engage™

Let’s get real and honest.  Today’s unprecedented challenges in the world require a cool strength of character at school, work, business and community; a strong rudder, anchor and north star to navigate and create constructive change. 

The world needs that, and us.

The betterment of our world requires 3 kinds of Activants:

… in the classroom, understanding the impact and opportunity they have to affect the world in all arenas of human endeavor… through their teaching and their capacity to lead, inspire, educate and unite; to be that teacher who makes such a difference.

… running both social and private enterprises with the intent of serving and building genuine and sustainable prosperity … and better communities … by their work and service; and supporting the global goals… locally, globally or glocally.

… young and young in spirit… and all ages and generations … who are rising up to help lead constructive change in the private, public and community sectors locally and around the globe… for an ever better and emerging world… for us all.

Epic Engage™ and I are all about that character leadership, moving the proverbial needle on it. BIG TIME.  Epic Engage™ is my development enterprise with a global vision and mission of being the character leadership company, working with world embracing educators, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders to:

… educate and lead with character, strength and joyful excellence
… unite strong, diverse cultures of purpose, talent and capacity
… inspire learning cultures of flourishing creativity and growth.

Fixity of Purpose

Fixity of Purpose

I am calling out on “resolutions”… at least our misconceptions of same. Just yesterday, I offered up on A Meaningful New Year. Today, I simply focus on Resolve… as virtue; a “fixity of purpose”. Most resolutions are not actually born of Resolve. Hence, they are not true resolutions.

A Meaningful New Year

A Meaningful New Year

Rather than simply wishing a Happy New Year, I am considering the notion of wishing one of meaning. Just yesterday, I posted on exploring the juncture of past, present and future. Here now, I want to look at what I call the TaCtical approach to meaning for ’22… and beyond.

Habit Seeding

Habit Seeding

Over the years, I have been introduced to the notion of 21 days to build a habit. Whether a myth or not…. I have found that Mindfulness (our awareness of habits) matters, as does the notion that it is less about breaking a habit and more about changing them.

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