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Barry is exactly what we needed for our kindness week/ pink day assembly. He reminded all of us that we really matter and that “kindness is cool.” Many students from both junior and senior high voiced their appreciation about his message and said that Barry was able to make them laugh and feel good about themselves. —  Sharon Brenton, Guidance Counselor

Leaducators thrive in the “classroom” understanding the impact and opportunity they have to affect the world in all arenas of human endeavor, through their teaching and their capacity to lead, inspire, educate and unite.

Epic Engage™ engages you, the Leaducator.  We serve you.  We serve youth and education; and love it.  We are a leadership development company that helps educators, students and youth…

  • educate and lead with character, strength and joyful excellence
  • unite strong, diverse cultures of purpose, talent and capacity
  • inspire learning cultures of flourishing creativity and growth.

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education. — Martin Luther King, Jr.

Yes, we call you Leaducators™… those who understand that great education is great leadership and great leadership is great education. At Epic Engage™, we work with educators and youth… building cultures of capacity through education and learning. Rather than harnessing youth; we imagine unleashing them… at their best.  Inspired by the global work of The Virtues Project™ and our own deep and broad knowledge, skill and experience… we bring our all.  Consider:


The Leaducator™ and Our FREE Services

The Leaducator™ is our FREE Monthly Blog… concise and offering up thoughts and resources to build resourcefulness…. while taking care of ourselves.  We post it monthly on my LinkedIn page.  Also, you can click here to find our full range of 19 free services, available to all.


At Epic Engage™, we offer 7 online coaching and certification services under the banner of 5th Strategy Coaching™.



Start the Conversation™

Start the Conversation™ is the PD-Day style offering of Epic Engage™. Drawing upon the global work of The Virtues Project™ and Barry’s own 40 years as an educator, STC™ delivers on 1, 2, 3 and 6 hour sessions designed to start conversations around youth, education and the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™.  This session is about both self-care and empowerment, all in one.  It delivers on ideas and tools for giving ourselves a pace of grace and greatness alike… and celebrating the work of educators.  The sessions are designed and delivered for educators at school, parents at home, and coaches in sport.  They are customized to need, but consistent in quality of content.  Connect and start the conversation.


Launching in 2021, Epic Engage™ offers REFRESH™; a 3-day retreat and advance for educators only.  It is designed to refresh, rebuild and energize.  It will engage relaxation, self care, music and more.  It will explore mindfulness in cool and real and engaging ways; not unlike a mini summer camp for educators where we can explore the kid in us again.  Launching in the Summer of 2021, details to follow.  Connect with us today.

Life after Teaching™

Starting in 2021, we are launching select workshops for retired educators… in the areas of LIFE/work Planning and Business Development; including building a global team.  Interested?  Connect with us now.


Conferences, Keynotes and Breakouts

We offer a range of speaking services and you can access information on that right here.  Having a conference around education and its delivery?  Engage us today.

5. diverseCITIES!™

Let’s talk about diverseCITIES™.  This is our Epic School keynote and breakout work.  It is our youth leadership and mentorship work.  We recognize that colleges, schools and youth centers are highly diverse communities.  Center, school and campus life can be incredible… and incredibly diverse.  That is real.  That is cool.  Diversity is a strategic and powerful advantage in nature, work and life; and on campus.  diverseCITIES™ is designed for youth and educators at school and college who are engaging diversity in the classroom and beyond.  We get real… and practical; responding to and embracing the advantages and coolness of diversity.  This session work is an experience of leadership and empowerment around the challenges and opportunities of diversity; and is fun. Oh, it is fun!

The session can be a PD model for teachers or run for students, or both.  It identifies an approach to engagement that is a hybrid of methodology and art. The material has the intent to build on both personal and campus success; with real world application.  Bottom line… it gets us getting it… moving forward together, stronger.

6. The CLASSroom™ 

Officially launching in 2021, The CLASSroom™ essentially are collectively random acts of speaking to youth in schools, no fee.  Barry speaks to the heroic in us all.  He speaks to together, strong… and he connects.  Oh, does he ever connect! Arranged where schedule permitting, this is a pure labour of love for Barry.  Interested?  For more information, connect HERE.

Through it all, our work is character driven and fun.  We call it joyful excellence.  We offer keynotes, seminars, workshops, development days, programs and courses in support of youth and educators and youth leaders.  We engage speaking, dialoguing, singing, dancing, music, cartooning, video, art and gaming.


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