At Epic Engage™, we offer 19 free programs … for a better world. With that in mind, and in honor of #bestlittledogintheworld Panda, we offer the following free and unleashed.

At Epic Engage, we offer 19 free programs … for a better world.  With that in mind, and in honour of #bestlittledogintheworld Panda, we offer the following free and unleashed.  This is one deep dive, but worth it.

The FREEPIC Forums™

Consider our FREEPIC Forums™… most of which are found on…

Tuesday Tiny Tomes

Each Tuesday, there will be a tiny tome… a little book of thought, if you will… a post intended for what we call the Activants. Such Activants are quite simply those living and working on the change, by their work on the ground; noble-minded and world-embracing educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders. They include:

They are educators who see the importance of character and contribution in and out of the classroom. These are the teachers that make us feel we matter and they matter because they do that. They believe in the words of REv, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” They help to draw out our best and explore our creativity. They are humbly heroic in their approach and make the lasting difference by their character.

They are social enterprisers and community-centered entrepreneurs who understand that commerce is the engine and servant of community, and not simply some appendix around which to get rich quick. They believe in a definition of community as “… more than the sum of its membership, it is a comprehensive unit of civilization composed of individuals, families and institutions that are originators and encouragers of systems, agencies and organizations working together with a common purpose for the welfare of people both within and beyond its own borders…”. And, they see enterprise as part of such.

They are the young and emerging leaders in the private, public and community sectors who know that it is about deeds, not words; they are changing things by doing and being. They believe in the words of JFK, “We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world or to make it the last.” … and fight for the former.

  • We offer The Leaducator™, for Leaducators … the 1st Monday of the month… to explore being that for our students, ourselves and each other; building classrooms of caring and character. 
  • We offer Deliver™, for the Communitrepreneur… the 2nd Monday of the month… to explore how we stand and deliver our message and service; and how we unite, inspire and lead our organizations thusly and stronger.
  • We offer AukWords™, a cartoonumn.. combination cartoon and column of thought, will and action around character and current topic.  Stay tuned for some thoughtful zeal in cartoon form. 
  • We offer The broadCAST™, for all, with our team of contributors… and broadCAST™ Live, the 4th Monday of the month…  bringing together a video compilation of 10+ cool conversations.
  • Plead the Fifth™, an occasional and special and comprehensive post for all on that 5th Monday in a month.  Often times, this can serve as a great repository and summary of the month preceding.


TUGtv Digital Coffees… Here we have online chats each Monday with resident experts of health, environment,  immigration, and character. 30-60 minute conversations with Elaine Dunphy, Dawn Gough, Stephen Burry and Christine Ayling…. available on Vimeo, Facebook and LinkedIn. 


TUGtv Digital Coffees… Here we have online chats again, around mentlal health and life.  Twice monthly, conversations with Raven Warren and Guy Matthews.  They are long form and cool content… available on Vimeo, Facebook and LinkedIn too. 


Barry’s Blog 

… on Thursdays I write and share on character, leadership and unity building.



TUGtv, The 6 Show Series is lauched and rotated on Fridays. 

broadCAST Live, The Justice Lead, Talk Reel, Brilliant Souls, #hUmaNITY and TUGtalks. 

6 shows around good work, global goals, great ideas, youth, humanity and more… shared on Vimeo, Facebook and LinkedIn.


Memes, music and message on Saturdays. 

Check out ROCKfox Unity Radio on Facebook for music.

After School Live and OBwan are random videos recorded for Facebook and LinkedIn, exploring character and organizational behaviour for better leadership,  teams and results. 


On a daily basis, expect…

Virtues of the Day.

Posts to #hUmaNITY.

Check out the LinkedIn page… and on Facebook.  



At #humanity you will find articles, videos and more celebrating something human and heroic… and/or happy.   #humanity is our small but growing online community where we foster an engaging exchange of thought and ideas around character leadership and education… and advancing the notion of humanity, locally and globally. It is for world embracing educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders. And, that includes parents.  If you believe in the cool power of education, we do too. Great education is great leadership. Great leadership is great education. If you believe in humanity, heroism and happiness, we do too. Through music, meme, message and more… here, we serve YOU. And here, you will find and can share articles, videos, and more that constructively add to a global conversation around character education and leadership… and our humanity… and have fun in the process!!! Yes, we believe in humanity, heroism, humility and happiness. We believe in the noble spirit of humanity. We believe in life and the kind of leadership that advances living it to our best. We are going to have fun here, exploring the best in us. AND, weekly there will be that live chat of celebrating the good.


As well, and on Facebook (The Unity Guy … Epic Engage … #hUmaNITY), LinkedInInstagram and Twitter, you will find daily Virtues Reflection posts… called Character Matters… taking a virtues Reflection Card and offering it up for consideration and a question.

Shine Down on Me

Borrowed from the Collective Soul song ShineShine Down on Me… I share a line from a Shinedown (my fave band) as a video thought weekly on Sundays. Kind of a different bedtime story. Cool music, and messaging.

ROCKfox Unity Radio

ROCKFOX Unity Radio is a Facebook “Radio” concept… here is an online space to place great music that soothes, lifts and rocks the spirit… all genres but a singular mission to connect music with spirit. You can make requests here and we will put it up for others to enjoy. You can post your own in the spirit of the space. Feel free to LIKE the page, and access it and add to it with great commentary… it is a cool community around music that moves us in the best of ways. Rock on! Join us.

Daily Dives

You will also find a wide selection of memes, music and message shared on these platforms in blog style; daily daring to celebrate character … humanity, heroism and happiness.


We offer special video and blogs for our global community.  You might want to join our LINKEDIN Focus Groups

And, go here to find our FREE THOUGHT Series of books.  We take on topics as diverse as spirituality, bullying, service, health, wealth, leadership, business, college and education.  These FREE downloads are personal and professional… and intended to stimulate thought and action to explore some more.  Think of them as tools to inspire your own independent investigation of truth on matters of living and working and studying.


In addition, check out our Epic Engage Facebook page, where we offer a wide variety of resources.  There, we examine strengths of character and how to best practice them for results as leaders and organizations… and have fun along the way.



FOR EVERYONE and FREE to ALL.  STRONG SCHOOL GLOBAL ™ is a true service project.  Here we offer 30+ videos around character, communications, temperament, leadership, problem solving, confidence and more.  Through an online video series, we bring and offer world class and recognized expertise in character leadership.  Some of our best fun and material, right here.  It is raw and real.  You get cool material and an opportunity to see a powerful slice of what we do.  No strings attached.


Family Character™ Events

Family Character™ is a focused program for parents and families seeking additional strategies for raising children and youth in a demanding world.  Inspired by the work of The Virtues Project, this program approaches real life with real world and world proven guidance.


Started in June 2018, Epic Engage™ offers DELIVER™, serving educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders with thoughts and ideas for delivering on message. In partnership with Futurpreneur CanadaNLOWECanada BusinessCity of St. John’sMemorial Centre for Social EnterpriseMetro Business OpportunitiesProvincial Association of CBDCsBDC, and YMCA of NLDELIVER™ delivers.

The CLASSroom™

Officially launching in 2021, The CLASSroom™ essentially are collectively random acts of speaking to youth in schools, no fee.

broadCAST Live™

Monthly, Barry Lewis Green teams up with Jon Butler to run cool PODcasts and Shows called broadCAST Live™.  We advance the conversation around the global goals… locally, globally and glocally.


Officially launching in Summer 2020, TUGtv™ (on Vimeo) will offer shows centring on those global goals, justice, health and more.