Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Project #hUmaNITY

Barry Green is an amazing instructor and since graduating from the College of the North Atlantic I have stayed in touch and enjoyed reading his blog. Barry always has time to lend an ear and provide support and career advice. His passion for teaching, relationship building, positive thinking and teamwork is infectious! — Liz Burt, Marketing and Communications Professional

Epic Engage™ is the training and development company that helps schools and campuses…

  • lead and educate with high character, strength and excellence.
  • build cultures of caring, united vision, and fully engaged capacity.
  • advance learning cultures of flourishing creativity and resourcefulness.

We believe and contend that education and community development are joined at the heart.  We work with educators and emerging leaders to affect constructive growth and progress, locally and globally.  We are excited to do so through our soon-to-be launched Project #hUmaNITY™.

Our intent is to make world class training and development accessible and available to schools and communities, locally and globally.  We believe that education and community building are intrinsically linked.  We believe that true progress is about how we move forward together, stronger; and that is grounded in education and community building.  With that in mind and heart, we humbly but assertively suggest that you consider these 5 primary and essential pillars of Project #hUmaNITY™.



The Leaducator™ and Our FREE Services

The Leaducator™ is our FREE Monthly Newsletter launching in 2017.  It is our power blog… concise and filled with resources to build resourcefulness.  It is great for educators, leaders and anyone looking to find great information for leading, teaching and living an epic life.  Connect with us and say “I want to be on the email list for the LEADUCATOR™.  Also, you can click here to find our full range of 17 free services, available to all.

Teacher to Teacher™

Starting in 2018, Epic Engage™ is launching a weekly video series, engaging educators.  Through live and recorded video, we will offer interviews, information and activities to celebrate and advance great education and to champion and care about educators.  It will be cool conversation; inviting educators to connect, have fun and support one another.  There will be content.  There will be conversation.  There will be fun.  The catch?  Be interested in celebrating and supporting teaching.  We invite you to join us.  How do you get connected?  Contact us today.




group coaching forum for educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders

Real time, real world leadership that gets results in the classroom, in business and throughout community; that is BOLD SCHOOL™… online.  It is designed and intended for advancing leadership for educators, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders.  Here, you will find 15-minute weekly educational videos with practical exercises for leadership development, exclusively offered to members.  The videos are live, fun, engaging and customized for BOLD SCHOOL™ membership.  Imagine an online coaching program accessible, affordable, repeatable and at your pace… delivering online and video-based programming that engages on making a real and lasting difference.  Delivered by Barry Lewis Green and Trent Langdon, their experience in leadership and education is real and remarkable.  BOLD School™ draws upon a unique and deep experience and includes the following:

  • Membership online in BOLD SCHOOL Coaching™ (ongoing membership)
  • Delivery Tools: Video, Articles and Exercises delivered Weekly and Ongoing
  • Completion of First Year earns a BOLD SCHOOL Leadership™ Certificate
  • Investment: One Time Fee of $49.00 CDN plus HST per participant

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STRONG SCHOOL™for Educators

live leadership coaching forum for world embracing educators

Online and live leadership coaching that is accessible, affordable, repeatable and at your pace; that is STRONG SCHOOL™; an ongoing video-based coaching initiative that engages powerful and practical leadership strategies for educators to educate, lead, unite and inspire.  This program is self paced, results driven and continuous.  It is designed for the educator that seeks to make that lasting impact and difference.  Once in, you are in; and for a one-time fee.  Run by Barry Lewis Green and Trent Langdon … it is designed for existing and aspiring educators.  Through monthly one hour online video delivery, articles and weekly posts, we offer 35 years of recognized expertise in leadership and education, including:

  • Membership online in STRONG SCHOOL™ (Ongoing)
  • Delivery Tools: Video, Articles and Exercises delivered Weekly and Ongoing
  • Completion of First Year earns a STRONG SCHOOL Leadership™ Certificate
  • Investment: One Time Fee of $99.00 CDN plus HST per participant

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3. PD Days and Retreats

Start the Conversation™

Start the Conversation™ is the PD-Day style component and offering of Epic Engage™. Drawing upon the global work of The Virtues Project™ and Barry’s own 30 years as an educator, STC™ delivers on 1, 2, 3 and 6 hour sessions designed to start conversations around youth, education and the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™.  This session is about both self-care and empowerment, all in one.  It delivers on ideas and tools for giving ourselves a pace of grace and greatness alike… and celebrating the work of educators.  The sessions are designed and delivered for:

  • educators at school
  • parents at home, and
  • coaches in sport

The sessions are customized to need, but standardized in quality of content.  Connect and start the conversation.


Also launching in 2018, Epic Engage™ offers REFRESH™; a 3-day retreat and advance for educators only.  It is designed to refresh, rebuild and energize.  It will engage relaxation, self care, music and more.  It will explore mindfulness in cool and real and engaging ways; not unlike a mini summer camp for educators where we can explore the kid in us again.  Launching in the Summer of 2017, details to follow.  Connect with us today.


facilitator certification for leaders, educators, coaches, and speakers 

Add to your skill set and tool belt; and connect more powerfully with those you serve and lead.  Train as a Globally Certified Facilitator for The Virtues Project™.  Marion’s Way™ is designed to help speakers, coaches, educators, and leaders more effectively understand and reach ALL of their potential and actual clients, colleagues, teams and audiences.

As a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™, a Certified Facilitator with Personality Dimensions®, a 30+ year corporate trainer and a 20+ year business college educator, Barry knows the dynamics of serving a myriad of temperaments and Marions Wayperspectives, often in the same room.  The intent of this coaching program is to engage and empower in such a way that the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ become an everyday approach to connection and success; on the ground and sustained.  The strategies are powerful and augment all other learning delivery systems and approaches.

Here, you become a Certified Virtues Project™ Facilitator, individually coached by Barry, Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project™ since 2007.  The Certification empowers participants to facilitate this remarkable and globally recognized material at school, family, work and community… and effectively weave it into their own body of work and expertise.

  • Duration: 8 30-minute one-on-one live sessions
  • Content: Virtues Project™ Certified Facilitator Training including 16 hours of weekly exercises
  • Delivery Tools: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Success, Virtues Project™ Facilitator Training Kit
  • On going Membership in STRONG SCHOOL GLOBAL™ (see below)
  • Investment: $395.00 CDN plus HST per participant

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And for more Virtues Project™ Coaching, click here.



Conferences, Keynotes and Breakouts

We offer a range of speaking services and you can access information on both right here.  Having a conference around education and its delivery?  Engage us today.


During the time that I have known Barry Green, he has displayed creative thinking, considerable skills and knowledge, and an effortless approach to instruction. He has offered career counselling services, volunteer opportunities, job search training and positive enforcement. I am grateful for his genuine offer to be a continual support throughout the years and I know that I will be a better Human Resources professional because of him. — Maryann Coynoypopoylos, HR Professional



The CommUNITY Course™


It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge. — Albert Einstein 

Certify 50 Virtues Project™ FacilitatorsVP for the front lines at school and in the community. Character, capacity and creativity form the foundation of strength and success in school and career alike.  The Community Course™ coaching program takes it to the next level.  It explores how we can engage character development and leadership while teaching and serving our community… in real time and the real world.  Built upon the global reach and impact of The Virtues Project™, this program is the real deal.  Whether building cultures of inclusion, diversity or safety and caring, The EPIC Community™ delivers.  It serves through 5 powerful Pillars.


This program is institutional and individual.  It is a community investment model allowing for as many as 50 participants to engage and get on the same page, their way.  The program celebrates individuality and unity alike.  Your team of upwards of 50 do the program together, online… 90 minutes a week… or live and onsite for 3 days… with exercises and activities in between.  Our focus is to build school and community cultures that are character and excellence driven in the most real world of ways.  AND participants, upon completion, are certified as Virtues Project™ Facilitators, approved and empowered to train and deliver in-house going forward.  Just imagine the possibilities for strengthening culture, diversity, unity and character on campus and in community.  Just imagine.

  • 12 weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions (or over 3 days)
  • Content: Character Driven Leadership for School and Community
  • Delivery Tool: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Community Leadership
  • Exclusive Membership: The EPIC Schools LINKEDIN and Facebook Communities.
  • Investment: $2995.00 CDN plus HST per initiative

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Coming in 2019: Life after Teaching™

Coming in 2019, we are launching select services for retired educators… in the areas of LIFE/work Planning and Business Development.  Interested?  Connect with us now.













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