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Defining community:  “… more than the sum of its membership, it is a comprehensive unit of civilization composed of individuals, families and institutions that are originators and encouragers of systems, agencies and organizations working together with a common purpose for the welfare of people both within and beyond its own borders…” — The Universal House of Justice

Epic Engage™ is the training and development company that helps communities…

  • lead and educate with high character, strength and excellence.
  • build cultures of caring, united vision, and fully engaged capacity.
  • advance learning cultures of flourishing creativity and resourcefulness.

#hUmaNITY™ is our intent to make world class training and development accessible and available to world embracing educators, entrepreneurs, emerging leaders and communities, locally and globally.  It is about individual and social character rising together, stronger and reclaiming the highest form of #hUmaNITY.

We believe that education, leadership and community building are intrinsically linked.  We believe that character and unity are twin wings in powering that. We believe that “The well-being of mankind, its peace and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.”  And, we believe such powerful, practical unity is driven by character and our most noble humanity.

These are not simply high ideals.  We believe that true progress is about how we move forward together, stronger; and that is grounded in great leadership, education and community building. I am all about character leadership and its impact on education, leadership and community building; serving as a college educator and community builder for over 3 decades.  We are ferociously passionate about community.  We bring thoughtful zeal.  And, we have the experience.  — Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

The 5 PILLARS of #hUmaNITY


19 FREE Resources!

Epic Engage™ delivers on speaking, training, educating, facilitating, coaching and consulting… and a whole lot more.  Part of what we do is provide content rich sources of both information and engagement through #hUmaNITY online (join us there) … and our FREEPIC Forums… our free online resources… 19 in total. Contact us today.


At Epic Engage™, we offer 7 online coaching and certification services under the banner of 5th Strategy Coaching™.  The programing delivers on character leadership and communications… and more. The body of work and diversity of delivery is affordable, accessible, results driven and fun.  These offerings are great for both individuals and teams.  You really might want to have a look.  Click on the red button to the right… for more information.



Start the Conversation™ is the PD-Day style offering of Epic Engage™. Drawing upon the global work of The Virtues Project™ and Barry’s own 30 years as an educator, STC™ delivers on 1, 2, 3 and 6 hour sessions designed to start conversations around education, youth and  community … and the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™.  This session is about both self-care and empowerment, all in one.  It delivers on ideas and tools for giving ourselves a pace of grace and greatness alike… and celebrating the work of  community building and leadership.  We often refer to you as communitrepeneurs; innovative and serving leaders in the community.  The sessions are designed and delivered for you.  The sessions are customized to need, but standardized in quality of content.  Connect and start the conversation.


Conferences, Keynotes and Breakouts

We offer a range of speaking services and you can access information on that right here.  If you are a world embracing company, campus, or community and are having a conference around the highest, coolest and strongest community building, engage us today.  We want to work with you and have special rates to “make it so”.

5. The Epic Educator™

For SCHOOL and COMMUNITY LEADERSHIP… this is our flagship offering.

Certify up to 80 Virtues Project™ PractitionersVP for the front lines in the community. This is our flagship offering…  aka The CommUNITY Course™. It explores how we can engage character development and leadership … in real time and the real world.  Intended for building powerfully engaged communities at school, work and beyond, it is built upon the global reach and impact of The Virtues Project™, and is the real deal.  Whether building cultures of strength, unity, excellence, and/or caring, The Epic Educator™ delivers.

This program is institutional and individual.  It is a community investment model allowing for as many as 50 participants to engage and get on the same page, their way.  It builds leaders.  It builds community.

The program celebrates individuality and unity alike.  Your team of upwards of 50 do the program together, online… 90 minutes a week… or live and onsite for 3 days… with exercises and activities in between.  Our focus is to build community cultures that are character and excellence driven in the most real world of ways.  AND participants, upon completion, are certified as Virtues Project™ Practitioners, approved and empowered to train and deliver going forward.  Just imagine the possibilities for strengthening community.  Then, going forward, you enjoy our online community of resources as part of the package.  Just imagine.

  • 12 weekly 90-minute group coaching sessions (or over 3 days)
  • Content: Character Driven Leadership for Community
  • Delivery Tool: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Community Leadership
  • Exclusive Membership: The commUNITY Course™ Online (Ongoing Membership)
  • Investment: $2995.00 CDN plus HST per initiative

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 Engage us.  We will engage you.