Let's talk about diverseCITIES™.  This is our Epic School keynote and breakout work.  It is our youth leadership and mentorship work.

We recognize that colleges, schools and youth centers are highly diverse communities.  Center, school and campus life can be incredible… and incredibly diverse.  That is real.  That is cool.  Diversity is a strategic and powerful advantage in nature, work and life; and on campus.  diverseCITIES™ is designed for youth and educators at school and college who are engaging diversity in the classroom and beyond.  We get real… and practical; responding to and embracing the advantages and coolness of diversity.  This session work is an experience of leadership and empowerment around the challenges and opportunities of diversity; and is fun. Oh, it is fun!

The session can be a PD model for teachers or run for students, or both.  It identifies an approach to engagement that is a hybrid of methodology and art. The material has the intent to build on both personal and campus success; with real world application.  Bottom line… it gets us getting it… moving forward together, stronger.