The Watchers have been at work it seems. These past few days have been “interesting”. These past few days have been Soul shaking. Truth. Two good and dear Souls and friends passing onwards… examples of Love and Service, both. Funerals to Honor both. Deeply feeling on their passing, with Faith. Then… this afternoon, I attended a beautiful event commemorating 10 wonderful Souls who have inspired me for decades. Suffice it to say… tears have flowed. Muchly. That said… something is happening within. A kind of Devotion is gaining further steam… and my own matters of Health and Service forward are intertwined with this I sense.

“The Greens” are a loved Sanctuary… my own humble castle… if you will… and I love it dearly. What is happening within is about an unfolding “world embracing vision”. Growing up, I somehow remember in games of Spotlight, some of us used the word “Goolos” (spelling?) … to reference “Homebase”. That said, The Greens are Goolos… and the Love and Service of those remembered adds fuel to my Heart to go forward and outward. I am indeed, thankful for these 12 Souls. ❤️ They inspire me deeply. Still, the range of emotions continue, healthily so.

WORK to DO and BE

That said, I have noted that I have work to do. HEALTH. Over the last 2 years… my body has been increasingly requiring changes and a lot has changed. My fridge and food are unrecognizable even from a year ago. And I love it. ❤️ My FOXhole Boxing Gym is getting its use. And I am going SLOWER, cooler. But my body is telling me there is still work to do. SERVICE and WORK. I am in transition. Next Chapter stuff. And I am letting go of projects that no longer hold Soulful meaning. And taking on a long held and awaited “world embracing” vision. I have no desire for fame nor fortune… they bore me… but to do quality work in Service to those seeking to nobly impact school, work, business and community. It excites me. I may not change the world but I will be the 900 pound Gorilla who brings 5 bodies of work to those who will. I have work to do. ❤️ PERSONAL. At this stage and age, I am blessed to do what I love and love what I do. I do have my modest, humble, beautiful “cottage and castle in The Pearl”… aka The Greens. I have my little 6 speed Black Beast of a Honda. I have my Deck and loves of Stars and Moon and Dance and Singing and Music and Boxing and Archery and SciFy and Cape Spear and Soulful conversations. I have my little inner circle of true friends who can’t be bought. But I want more of this. I am a robustly curious being. And I bore with the small talk. Quality over quantity is the NOW… and I have work to do. ❤️

And, by work… I mean not drudgery… but the work on myself… BEing and DOing… Baha’i Faith, Stoicism, being a better Barry Unit… my way… soulfully discerned, decided and devoted. My body is demanding it. Tests in play. Results awaited. Plans evolving. Lifestyle for LIFE. My body is “screaming in a whisper” that it is truly time.

A Stoic Summer

All that said… I am choosing to commence a Stoic Summer, reading some 10 books for my own Studentry. I am 8 Chapters into Soul Boom by Rainn Wilson (highly recommended)… and I have blogged on same. I am moving into The Obstacle is The Way by Ryan Holiday, and then other books on Stoicism and more. And I will be sharing.

Stoicism seems to very well and naturally fit into my LIFE/work…. and I see its potential with my work to DO and BE around HEALTH and SERVICE and PERSONAL. Bottom line, I will be taking time to work on “The Barry Unit” through life, play and more. I will be heeding the words of LP jacks in his saying that “A master in the art of living draws no sharp distinction between his work and his play; his labor and his leisure; his mind and his body; his education and his recreation. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence through whatever he is doing, and leaves others to determine whether he is working or playing. To himself, he always appears to be doing both.” I like to call it Studentry and this Summer will be that Stoic Summer of self study. Devoted to those 12 beautiful Souls. Hope you join me, on the journey.

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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