TECH Tock™ for Entrepreneurs

TECH Tock™ is for entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference, and a living. It is cool and constructive, with monthly live video feeds where Barry goes online and exclusive to the TECH Tock™ Community…. with information, activities and exercises for practice.

Starting in 2023, with TECH Tock™, the talk is via tech… examining matters of engagement of customers, clients, and colleagues, in the real world and real time.  It is based on Barry’s 40 years of business, leadership and speaker training and development.  We cover:

  • understanding the importance of character in business
  • learning the science of character and its development and practice
  • exploring 5 proven strategies for building company cultures of strength and unity
  • practicing real world strategies and tactics for building such cultures, together, strong

Each monthly session is live and 60 minutes; and tackles some aspect of small business leadership… including how we present ourselves to the world.  The online delivery of this program includes:


  • Membership online in the TECH Tock™ Community (Ongoing)
  • Delivery Tools: Monthly Live Video, plus Articles and Exercises delivered Weekly
  • Investment: One Time Fee of $95.00 CDN plus HST per participant