STRONG SCHOOL™for Educators

Online and live leadership coaching that is accessible, affordable, repeatable and at your pace; that is STRONG SCHOOL™; an ongoing video-based coaching initiative that engages powerful and practical leadership strategies for educators to educate, lead, unite and inspire.

Launching in 2023, this program is self-paced, results-driven and continuous.  It is designed for the educator that seeks to make that lasting impact and difference.  Once in, you are in; and for a one-time fee.

Run by Barry … it is designed for existing and aspiring educators.  Through monthly 60-minute online video delivery, plus articles and weekly posts, we offer 40 years of recognized expertise in leadership and education, and covering:

  • understanding the importance of character, leadership, unity and excellence in education
  • learning the science of character and its development and practice
  • exploring 5 strategies for building classrooms and campuses of strength and unity
  • practicing real world strategies and tactics for building such cultures, together, strong

STRONG SCHOOL™ includes:


  • Membership online in STRONG SCHOOL™ for Educators (Ongoing)
  • Delivery Tools: Monthly Live Video, plus Articles and Exercises delivered Weekly and Ongoing
  • Investment: One Time Fee of $99.00 CDN plus HST per participant