the capaCITIES™ Course of Action

Unique capacity is about finding your distinct and strategic advantage; based on your character, knowledge, skills, abilities and talents... and the needs of your clients, customers, audience and all stakeholders.

It is about finding that crossroads between all you have to give and all that is needed in those you serve.  Therein lies a path to excellence; optimizing capacity to serve.  That is the capaCITIES™ Course of Action. Through speaking, listening, dialoguing, cartooning, singing and dancing, we work together to focus on what you bring to the table; what everyone brings to the table, as the potential and promise to serve with excellence.  We help you:

  • identify and celebrate the powers of your entire team
  • build a remarkable unity of purpose, based on unique capacity, and
  • leverage the strategic advantage of all forms of diversity