The Epic CREW and Speakernet

We have a fun, creative and engaging team here at Epic Engage™.  We have the TUGtv Team… and we have the 17 member (and growing) EPIC Speakernet.  But, beyond that, and grounding us all, there is our core CREW.


The Epic Speakernet™ is all about speaking, and the profession, craft and service that it can and must be.  It is a speaker bureau led by speakers, and based out of and serving Newfoundland and Labrador.  It is a network of 17 (and growing) professional speakers, who deliver on content rich work right here on the Rock and in the Big Land. Consider our first 17 remarkable content experts, already on board and ready to serve your varied event needs throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.  For more on our growing team of expert speakers, and their messages click the link below.

If making your event or conference rich in content and delivery is important… we very much encourage you to connect with us today.


Wanda Amarose

Wanda Amarose

Executive Editor

Wanda is a writer and visual artist and brings her talents to select projects for editing and creative purposes.  An educator by training, an artist by experience and a writer by passion, she is a true treasure.  Going forward, Wanda will bring her talents to the written word here with Epic Engage™.

Jon Butler

Jon Butler

Jon Butler is a community builder, speaker and entrepreneur … and works with Epic Engage™ on launching and leading broadCAST™ Live into 2020 and beyond.  Jon was born and bred in St. John’s and is especially passionate about helping to build the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Newfoundland & Labrador. After graduating from MUN in 2009, he spent the following 9 years building a career as an entrepreneur. He has started companies in both Ottawa and St. John’s, and most recently, a food business called LunchIn. Jon has also launched Get Started Café; an initiative that offers a new approach to professional development, leadership, and community impact. He believes that thinking like an entrepreneur can help anyone become empowered at work, enact social change, and find purpose.

Trent Langdon

Trent Langdon

Trent is an upcoming and expert contributor to broadCAST™ Live in 2020… sharing on matters of equality and identity. Trent invests in people and interpersonal relationships. For 25 years, Trent has worked within public education, residential youth care, and charitable youth programs; and engaged in organizational governance for 15 years. A nationally-certified school counsellor, educator, and ‘peer-elected’ leader (current VP of the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association), Trent promotes the ‘human connection’, integrity-based leadership, and the power of relationships and works to build the personal identity, skill-set, and resilience of students, educators, community leaders, and professionals. “Trent is a ‘helper’ and ‘educator’ by temperament and training” (Barry Lewis Green)… a family guy, social justice advocate, and community volunteer.

Dawn Gough

Dawn Gough

Dawn is about environmental excellence, change through policy, social responsibility, and long-term sustainability… and brings it a contributor to TUGtv. As an environmental professional, policy writer, and management system consultant, she has enjoyed forging environmental initiatives and providing environmental oversight for 20 years. She leads with knowledge of federal and provincial regulation, industry best practices, and the ISO standards.  Dawn believes real change that improves workplace safety and prevents harm to the environment is initiated from the top-down and from the inside out. With a Master of Technology Management and Lead Auditor certification for Integrated Management Systems, Dawn inspires the leadership of socially and environmentally conscious companies.


At EPIC Engage™, we know we cannot do it alone.  We consider ourselves experts in our own field, but we clearly need expertise beyond our work.  We call upon incredible people and companies who support our work of engagement.  They include the following Speaker Bureaus and services:

We have worked for years with Wendi McNeill and Charli Jane. Wendi is “an industry go-to expert at online marketing, a biz-building strategist, multiple streams of income enthusiast and go-get-‘em mentor for successful Speakers”.

Known as “the Leader in Speaker Business Management & Online Exposure. With over 15 years in the business, 10K speakers in our community, and over 20K events managed annually, our innovative platform is the preferred choice for top speakers”.

Great bureau and speaker services.

We are also very proud to work with CompuScribe. CompuScribe started up in 1994 offering digital graphic design and technical support, later specializing in web development and information architecture. Every client’s vision and requirements are different and you can be sure that these are defined, documented, and that the outcome is exactly what you need. CompuScribe follows through with great client support, site maintenance and online asset management.

We work with great people.

With Epic Engage™, we bring it all by advancing great conversations, actions and results through speaking, dialoguing, training, facilitating, coaching, writing, singing, dancing, cartooning, gaming, creating and more. Want to work with us?