Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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Barry Lewis Green
and Epic Engage

The Character Leadership Company


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The Epic CREW and Speakernet

We have a fun, creative and engaging team here at Epic Engage™.  We have the 14 member (and growing) broadCAST™ Team.  We have the 19 member (and growing) EPIC Speakernet.  But, beyond that, and grounding us all, there is our core CREW.  Behind the scenes and in front of the curtains, they each contribute their talents and it is important we acknowledge and thank them for their creativity, kindness and cooperation.  They each love what they do and have amassed considerable experience and talent in doing it. Just so you know them a little better, feel free to have a quick read.



Wanda Amarose, Executive Editor

Wanda is a writer and visual artist and brings her talents to select projects for editing and creative purposes.  She is a true treasure.

Tracy Carberry, Associate Advisor

Tracy’s expertise is human resource development, and is engaged on special projects throughout the year. We so value her talents and capacities.

Jon Butler, Strategic Partner in broadCAST™ Live

Jon Butler is a community builder, speaker and entrepreneur … and works with Epic Engage™ on launching and leading broadCAST™ Live into 2020 and beyond.

Trent Langdon and Dawn Gough

Trent and Dawn are upcoming and expert contributors to broadCAST™ Live in 2020… sharing on matters of equality and ecology.  So, looking forward.

… and last but by no means least, we have …

Jenny Dearing, Partner in Benny and Jarry

Jenny co-authors the Benny and Jarry Blog with Barry.  Jenny is a visual artist and expert contributor around youth and addictions, and the application of love to life and work.  Love having her on the team!

and then we have…


The Epic Speakernet™ is all about speaking, and the profession, craft and service that it can and must be.  It is a speaker bureau led by speakers, and based out of and serving Newfoundland and Labrador.  It is a network of 20 (and growing) professional speakers, who deliver on content rich work right here on the Rock and in the Big Land.


Consider our first 19 remarkable content experts, already on board and ready to serve your varied event needs throughout Newfoundland and Labrador

BRUCE TEMPLETON: Stories of Giving

CORINA WALSH: Emotional Intelligence

GARY SUMMERS: Mind, Body, Soul

JOEL SWEENEY: Communications

RAY HOLLISTER: The Human Potential

MARK BLACK: The Power to Thrive

LESLIE BRIDGER: Healing Power of Nature

SHEENA GROBB: The Strength of Compassion

STEPHANIE STAPLES: Energy and Motivation

JON BUTLER: The Entrepreneurial Mindset

DOMINIQUE HURLEY: Intuition into Action

DAVID GOUTHRO: Making the Tough Decisions


TONYA WHITTLE: Mastering Mindset

HEATHER STAMP-NUNES: Leadership Life Cycle

AIDEN HIBBS: Intimate and Impactful

TRENT LANGDON: Identity and Esteem

DAWN GOUGH: Environmental Prosperity

CAROLINE BROOKFIELD: Science and Creativity

BARRY LEWIS GREEN: Character Leadership

For more on our growing team of expert speakers, and their messages…


If making your event or conference rich in content and delivery is important… we very much encourage you to connect with us today.


At EPIC Engage™, we know we cannot do it alone.  We consider ourselves experts in our own field, but we clearly need expertise beyond our work.  We call upon incredible people and companies who support our work of engagement.  They include the following Speaker Bureaus and services:

  • Charli Jane Speaker Services
    • We have worked for years with Wendi McNeill and Charli Jane. Wendi is “an industry go-to expert at online marketing, a biz-building strategist, multiple streams of income enthusiast and go-get-‘em mentor for successful Speakers”.
  • Joe Heaps and eSpeakers
    • Known as “the Leader in Speaker Business Management & Online Exposure. With over 15 years in the business, 10K speakers in our community, and over 20K events managed annually, our innovative platform is the preferred choice for top speakers”.
  • PLUS, great bureau and speaker services from…

Oh, and we must say that we are also very proud to work with:

  • CompuScribe Communication Design
    • CompuScribe started up in 1994 offering digital graphic design and technical support, later specializing in web development and information architecture. Every client’s vision and requirements are different and you can be sure that these are defined, documented, and that the outcome is exactly what you need. CompuScribe follows through with great client support, site maintenance and online asset management.

We work with great people.  With Epic Engage™, we bring it all by advancing great conversations, actions and results through speaking, dialoguing, training, facilitating, coaching, writing, singing, dancing, cartooning, gaming, creating and more. Want to work with us?

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy

Barry Lewis Green is The Unity Guy™.  With EPIC Engage™, Barry is the Creator and Strategic Leader.  Still and ultimately, he really is The Unity Guy™  and the founding spirit.

Barry is an educator; in strategic leadership, organizational and human resource development, business ethics and entrepreneurship.  He has been for over 25 years.  He is a dynamic motivator and a community builder, entrepreneur, educator and Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™.

Together, we are stronger.  We believe that.  Together, we engage a team of like minded and hearted professionals committed to building prosperity through matters of leadership, engagement, unity, diversity and education.


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