EPIC and The Virtues Project™

We had booked Barry Green to deliver a 1-day facilitated session on team building with the two primary divisions of our company operations. In doing so, there was considerable consultation with Barry on the specific keys for the day. Throughout our consultation, Barry provided exceptional service in listening to our core requirements and in making insightful suggestions as to how to implement key items into the training day itself. His ability to understand our business and our needs and to articulate core requirements laid the groundwork for a truly fabulous day. We take great pride in our team and know that they expect the real deal in training… and they got it! —  Gord Chaytor, Terra Nova Foods Inc.

The longer road.  Our organizational development work is inspired and infused by the work of The Virtues Project™.  In delivering business leadership and service training, we weave the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ as the foundation for effectiveness in running a class room, staff room, floor room, board room or… you get it.

As a Certified Master Facilitator, Barry works with his team to develop leaders on campuses, in companies and throughout communities; leaders who are effectively trained to bring the character leadership work of The Virtues Project™ to the front lines and executive levels in education, community service, business and beyond.

This is material that goes deeper but in amazingly purposeful, powerful and productive ways… drawing out our best, in practice.  Barry’s commitment is to the application of this ancient, adaptive wisdom to leadership, unity and capacity building the world over… in building cultures of caring and strength.

At Epic Engage™, we help build those cultures of caring and strength through Virtues Project™ development and 3 Virtues Project™ inspired services including: 



FOR YOUTH LEADERS, COACHES, TRAINERS, EDUCATORS and SPEAKERS.  Train as a Certified Facilitator for The Virtues Project™.  As a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™, a Certified Facilitator with Personality Dimensions® , a 30+ year corporate trainer and a 20+ year business college educator, Barry knows the dynamics of serving a myriad of temperaments and Marions Wayperspectives, often in the same room.  If we do not understand the differences in temperament and learning, we cannot best serve our entire audience…. whether clients, colleagues or the classroom.  Marion’s Way™ is dedicated to the memory of Barry’s mother, applying the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ for achieving results in coaching and educating and leading; that is the ultimate intent of this program.  It is designed to help speakers, coaches, educators, and leaders effectively reach ALL of their potential and actual clients, colleagues, teams and audiences.   The intent of the coaching is to engage and empower in such a way that the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ become an everyday approach to success.  The strategies are powerful and augment all other learning systems.  Here, you do become a Certified Virtues Project™ Facilitator, individually coached by Barry, Master Facilitator for The Virtues Project™ since 2007.  The Certification empowers participants to facilitate this remarkable and globally recognized material at school, family, work and community… and effectively weave it into their own body of work and expertise.

  • Duration: 9 weekly 2-hour small group (6) ONLINE sessions
  • Approximately 12 hours of practical outside exercises
  • Content: Virtues Project™ Certified Facilitator Training
  • Delivery Tools: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Success, Virtues Project™ Facilitator Training Kit
  • On going Membership in MARION’s WAY GLOBAL™ Community
  • Investment: $395.00 CDN plus HST per participant

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2. The LEGACY Leadership Program™

Advanced T4T for Virtues Project™ Facilitators

FOR VIRTUES PROJECT™ FACILITATORS, MASTER FACILITATORS and LEADERS.  The LEGACY Leadership Program™  is born of Barry’s 30+ years in leadership training and development across North America and in the private, public and community sectors.  Think of LEGACY as targeted one-on-one Training-for-Trainers and Facilitation Skills Training for Virtues Project™ Facilitators. The focus is on bringing world class skill to delivering on the 5 core strategies of The Virtues Project™ for leadership that engages and moves people to be their best, in service.  Barry’s world class experience in leadership, training and speaking is real and Legacy Leadershipremarkable.  He has 30 years in speaking, educating, managing and leading, and … over 15,000 contact hours in speaking, training, and facilitating!  He has spoken to audiences as large as 4,000 with Premiers and Governors for opening ceremonies.  He has been engaged at the national level as a Board member with the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers.  He has stood in front of literally hundreds of thousands of people of all ages and backgrounds and captured and held their attention, by being himself at his best.  Then, as a Master Facilitator with the Virtues Project™ and a Facilitator with Personality Dimensions®, he is an educator on character and temperament, and aligning style as a communicator.  Barry knows his stuff.   Engage Barry to invest in your LEGACY today.

  • Duration: 4 90-minute sessions focused SMALL GROUP (4) live session online
  • Content: Barry’s 35+ Year Body of Work, The Virtues Project™and Personality Dimensions®
  • Delivery Tool: The EPIC Blueprint™ for Presentation and Facilitation Leadership
  • Investment:  $195.00 CDN plus HST

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Advancing Highly Trained and Inspired VIRTUES PROJECT™ Entrepreneurs

If you are a retired or part time and passionate educator… or someone who is seeking ways to build both a business and a service to schools, workplaces, businesses and communities, THE BUSINESS of CHARACTER™ might just be your thing.  Connect with us.  We are building something special.

THE BUSINESS of CHARACTER™ is intent on building a global network of fully trained and equipped delivery services and entrepreneurs… to help build and advance cultures of caring and strength at school, work and community; through the incredible content of The Virtues Project™This is business development training for champions of The Virtues Project™.  You become a certified EPICenter™, supported by Epic Engage™.  This program helps you build a noble-centered enterprise delivering on the work of The Virtues Project™ globally.  It is a real world, real time business coaching program designed to engage core topics around business development and leadership. We bring 20+ years of deep and broad experience in the primary functions of business development to constructively impact growth as a Facilitator, Master Facilitator and Entrepreneur serving the global work of The Virtues Project™. Our expertise is in business development, presentation skills and the 5 Strategies.  In small group classrooms, THE BUSINESS of CHARACTER™  offers 12 2-hour Business Development Small Group (2) Coaching Sessions, including:

  • Strategic Planning and Business Development and World Class Presentation Skills
  • Virtues Project™ Facilitator Training/Refresher (woven throughout)
  • Plus membership in our online EPICenter Network™ Community (Ongoing)
  • Delivery Tool: The EPICenter Business Blueprint™
  • Investment:  $1495.00 CDN plus HST ($495 up front, $500 monthly for 2 months)

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For more on these and other leadership initiatives, contact us on how, together, we can effectively help change the world at work, school, business and community.

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