Advancing Inspired VIRTUES PROJECT™ Entrepreneurs

If you are a retired or part time and passionate educator… or someone who is seeking ways to build both a business and a service to schools, workplaces, businesses and communities, THE BUSINESS of CHARACTER™ might just be your thing.  Connect with us.  We are building something special.

THE BUSINESS of CHARACTER™ is intent on building a global network of fully trained and equipped delivery services and entrepreneurs… to help build and advance cultures of caring and strength at school, work and community; through the incredible content of The Virtues Project™This is business development training for champions of The Virtues Project™.  You become a certified EPICenter™, supported by Epic Engage™.  This program helps you build a noble-centered enterprise delivering on the work of The Virtues Project™ globally.  It is a real world, real time business coaching program designed to engage core topics around business development and leadership. We bring 20+ years of deep and broad experience in the primary functions of business development to constructively impact growth as a Facilitator, Master Facilitator and Entrepreneur serving the global work of The Virtues Project™. Our expertise is in business development, presentation skills and the 5 Strategies. 

In small group classrooms, THE BUSINESS of CHARACTER™  offers 12 2-hour Business Development Small Group (2) Coaching Sessions, including:


  • Strategic Planning and Business Development
  • World Class Presentation Skills
  • Virtues Project™ Facilitator Training/Refresher (woven throughout)
  • Plus membership in our online EPICenter Network™ Community (Ongoing)
  • Delivery Tool: The EPICenter Business Blueprint™
  • Investment:  $1495.00 CDN plus HST