Last Friday night, I had the honor and pleasure of judging the speaking competition for Miss Achievement NL.  Beyond any form of cliché, it was indeed an honor, pleasure and source of genuine and heart felt encouragement for me; 20 young women speaking to, and of, their passions.

One young woman changed her message just prior to the competition to stay true to her heart and soul and truth.  She spoke to the issue of bullying… and spoke to it from both personal experience and incredible and palpable passion and purpose.  It was like an arrow to my own heart and soul.

I remember my own experience with bullying.  Still, to this day, I feel it within my blood and bones.  It motivates me deeply in my and our work and mission because I believe that we all matter; we all count… and we can all lead.  Still, this talk tonight spoke to me at an even deeper level.

As we continue with our special series on the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ … on LINKEDIN… and enter into the Companioning piece… the 5th Strategy… I am reminded that this talk of hers spoke to the true power of presence; being in the moment, listening to your gut and trusting what you know you need to say.  We can often assume that companioning is simply about being present for others.  It is equally powerful when looking within to that still, small voice inside and deciding to be raw and real and rarified.  The talks that night, without exception, did this.  The talk on bullying, for me personally, brought a new and renewed awareness of the power of the moment and presence in delivering a message that matters.  When you know what you need to say, listen to that voice inside, have the courage to share it, and demonstrate the resolve and fortitude in expressing it… well, that is when you communicate with real magic.

That is the 5th Strategy.

Being “deeply present and listening with compassionate curiosity (to ourselves in this case) guides us” to that clarity and “to create our own solutions”.  In these times and days of both trial and triumph, locally and globally… we are challenged to go deeper, to discern daringly.  Conformity for conformity’s sake only leads to solutions that have not worked.  We need new solutions and greater clarity to address our lives and how we work together.  That night, Alicia and her fellow participants reminded me of that deep power; a power in which I have always believed… and a power I experienced this evening.  In the coming days, we will continue to explore this power of presence and companioning… and its relation to the issue of bullying in particular.

I am, this day, ever thankful for the message of Alicia and 19 other young women.  You have strengthened my hope and resolve alike.

Until then, be yourself at your best.

Peace, passion and prosperity

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


These strengths of character are a source for finding and expressing your truth….. in this world of challenge to who we are and how we work together, they build bridges to strength and understanding alike…