Let me first say… I don’t know.  This is conjecture.  But, there are some things I do know… and want to share today.

First, have a good view and listen.

Now, I am not political.  In fact, while I love democracy and the power of the vote; I now avoid partisan politics.  Strange, because I grew up amongst it and was enamored by it until my early thirties.  But that is another story.  Still, to this day I avoid ideologies and explore ideas.  Again, another post sometime.

Here in Newfoundland and Labrador, we have recently gone through about 4 months of campaigning, federally and provincially. On October 19, Canada elected a suave, charismatic Justin Trudeau and the world has seemingly fallen in love.  I do appreciate his style and approach.  Politics will raise its head I am sure but there is no denying his personal style.  This post is not about Justin Trudeau.

On November 30, in Newfoundland and Labrador, Dwight Ball was elected the 13th Premier of the Province.  While I do not side with parties and I will not divulge my vote (it is a personal matter for each of us, I believe), I did follow the election broadcast.  Much commentary was on Mr. Ball’s style… his seeming lack of enthusiasm.  Interesting because, as an objective observer, and given my work in character and temperament, I saw an introvert.

I saw a man who processes before he proceeds.  I saw a man who seemingly thinks about things before taking action.  He was noted during the debates to be somewhat lesser in terms of his communications.  What I am now perceiving is that debates are inherently for the extrovert, the one who waxes poetic in charm and delivery under the lights and in short bits.  But maybe that is not the only strength of leadership.

The video noted above addresses the power of the introvert.  They are not shy.  They are discerning and deliberate; needing time to fully process.  They are thoughtful and mindful.  That is their engagement.  I do not know if Mr. Ball sees himself as such.  I do know that we need to see such as a strength of leadership.  I do not know how the next four years will play out, politically, economically or otherwise.  I do know that I will not evaluate prematurely.  There is a lot of work ahead.  But, I also do know that the ability to consider and process is powerful and needed in the days, weeks, months and years coming.

In a recent LinkedIn post, I noted the power of…


… and, for introverts, we can add…

… all strengths of the introvert; all strengths of leadership.

Maybe we need leaders of charisma and leaders of measured deliberation.  Maybe they can coexist.  Maybe, between them we can create style and substance.  All I know is that I have awakened this day with a reminder that flash is not the strength we need in these times.

Politics aside, and it is for me, I wish the new government all the best as it is our government and decisions will not be easy, going forward.  In between elections, it is the work of all of us to make things work.  In between elections, we need vision… and we need thoughtful deliberation.  I see that strength more so this day.  May we each do our part to make the difference we each can make.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

PS…  a little change of pace message to remind us that true problem solving has nothing to do with blaming the past but moving forward to make things better.  We didn’t start the fire… but we are trying to fight it.  🙂