Of late, on LinkedIn, we have been exploring the 5th Strategy of The Virtues Project™: Offer Companioning.  And we have been focusing on engaging youth as companion.  We have explored the notions of presence, receptive silence and “”being there” without agenda.  We have noted the importance of trusting that the other person has their own answer/s within… and that we simply help them explore the passage to those answers, without our presumption of what they might be.  We explored the vital nature of the virtue of DETACHMENT.

DETACHMENT is part of our work with individuals and organizations alike.  It allows us objectivity to observe and engage in equal and powerful measure.  But, it is not enough; not nearly.  In tandem, we need to practice the art of questioning.

In our previous posts, we explored the notion too… of WHAT questions over WHY questions… the former keeping communications open, the latter creating an unconscious or conscious defensiveness.  But, in doing so, we need to apply the virtue of DISCERNMENT.

This is the virtue of the explorer; a Sherlock Holmes or Marco Polo or Star Trek virtue.  This virtue, in practice, encourages us to be curious, without agenda… to be open to hearing.  WHAT questions can lead to additional WHAT questions.  It is about “emptying the cup”… getting all the facts and feelings.  Dale Carnegie once said, in facing any issue… get all the facts.  I have long said that jumping to conclusions is like jumping on rocks, but the rocks move. Discernment implies conscious exploration of full information.  It does not jump to conclusions.

Imagine that with our engagement of youth.  Imagine exploring what they are feeling when they are feeling it, without presumption.  Imagine upon good news or bad… what it would be like to listen receptively and tirelessly; to explore where they are, when they are.  Companioning is not an every moment activity, but it does create powerful moments.  Practicing detachment with discernment, and…

… is the art of true care and concern.  This triad is powerful with adults and youth alike.  The power to be objective, while caring.  This is leadership.  It engages and empowers.  It listens, observes and explores for the best answers.

So, this week, seek opportunity to practice these virtues in both receptive silence and with curious WHAT questions.  Explore how no agenda works.  Be the explorer with detachment, discernment and compassion.  Create a moment of true listening and see where it takes you.  Now, that is exploration.

In an upcoming post, we will start putting all the pieces together… to see the big picture on the 5 Strategies of The Virtues Project™ and the art of leading and COMPANIONING with youth and adults alike.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™