At the risk of a shameless plug, we are so grateful and excited.  On April 20, 2015, my mother, Marion MacDonald Green, passed on.  That very morning, as I both cried and reflected on what I lost and gained, we thought to dedicate a book in her memory.  We called it 21 Sons at the time.

In our quest to seek out 21 men to write of their mothers, 26 responded.  The book became 21 Sons or More and was released November 26, 2015 21 Sonson our E-Store and Amazon.  Upon seeing it up, again tears.

Why the tears, beyond the memories?  26 men took the opportunity to write honestly and lovingly about their mothers.  The writing was real, rough and raw at times and we fought to edit.  We wanted to capture the spirit of the honest dedications.  We think we did.

Mothers are the very first educators; the very first leaders.  They are there at the beginning.  They impact us in ways conscious and unconscious alike.  This book explores those relationships from the perspectives of men of different ages and backgrounds from the UK, through Canada and the US.  The views are different and loving and real.  They speak to a kind of leadership we often forget or ignore or maybe even take for granted at times.  They speak to leadership and character development, by example.

We do not feel this a shameless plug as all proceeds from the sale of 21 Sons or More go to support our work with youth and youth agencies. We have created a model to advance motherhood as leadership, to inspire men and women with real stories and to help fund our work with kids and those who work with kids.  This is crowd funding with a nice ROI.

Bottom line; if you do not purchase and/or read 21 sons or More… feel free to take these two things away.  We respect whatever decision you make.  Second, know that we strongly recommend that you do your own research on what your mother taught you, by example.  Consider these virtues and take inventory; take stock of the greatest gifts a mother can truly give… instilling a sense of character.

Then, whatever your personal story… thank her for the lessons; however you learned them..

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™