A few days ago, I saw this on “Title Means Nothing” on LinkedIn, shared by Kasey Clements … and, in turn, I chose to immediately share it myself.  Thanks to Kasey.

Now, consider the virtue of Service from The Virtues Project.

These days, I see so many people trying to find that title… the one that is distinct and telling of what they do.  We are using words like transformation and awesome and extraordinary.  We are trying to find that expression that encapsulates who we are so that we are distinctive.  It is a perfectly understandable quest in this day of global markets and competition.  We understand that we have to stand out.

But what if standing out really had to do with our service, in action… not words?  Yes, more than words.  Deeds over words and let our clients, customers and colleagues define us.

What if our service, and excellence in it, defined who we are in the minds and hearts of those we serve?  What if indeed… in deed… our reputation and “brand” were the result of our service and not our title?

Several years back, I was inspired to take on the personal brand and title The Unity Guy, and I am glad that I did.  Unity is core to my being; real unity born of diversity, not uniformity.  We fit but we do not have to fit in.  Still, this morning I am reminded that it is simply a title.  How and who I serve will be my reputation and legacy.  My actions of service are chosen by me.  My reputation is given by those who experience it.

How I choose to serve and be useful this year and beyond is as a student, practitioner and teacher of virtues and strengths of character.  The truest teachers are the lifelong students; learning, applying, learning again… perfecting without being perfect.  I have, since childhood, believed in and been an imagineer of things around character and unity.  They drove my imagination.   Still do.  Indeed, I always understood that the one thing that unites humanity is this thing called virtue and character.  Whether we practice them or not, they are our collective birthright.  I choose to serve in stimulating conversation around what it truly means to be human at school, family, work and community… in the class room, family room, staff room, board room and community room alike.

My belief is that character is at the core of the challenges in the world today.  In fact, it always has been.  Character leadership builds capacity and capacity building advances creativity.  We need all three, and it starts with character. That all being said, my service will be to continue and advance the conversations around and exploration of character.  So, my thoughts are two fold.

  • First, starting this week, I will be exploring specific virtues and strengths of character as they pertain to living and leading in the world today… right here; and I invite you to join me.
  • Second, regardless of title… how do you choose to serve?  How do you choose to be useful with that wholehearted enthusiasm?  In what ways will you give freely of your time and attention?  Do that, then let others decide your title.

Joe Calloway shared this the other day.  Get focused on your service and let the other stuff go.  “Title means nothing.  The one with the servant’s heart is the leader.”  I like that.  I do.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green

aka The Unity Guy™

(or whatever you choose)