Probably my shortest post ever; I have but three wishes this day.

The First Wish

December 23rd was the 91st birthday of my father, Malcolm George Green who passed on to the next Realm in March of 2004.  I miss you “Mufasa” and I wish you soar and serve in whatever capacity you are given and choose.  I love you.

To those reading, whatever your belief; what might you wish for a loved one who has “moved on”?  Feel free to offer it here.

The Second Wish

Yesterday was Christmas Eve… and with this year’s passing of my mother, Marion MacDonald (Pugh) Green, it will be a Christmas of some missing indeed.  For you, my mother, I do wish you love and service in that next Realm, missing you as much.  But, my second wish here is that, in 2016, I wish to serve in your honor and memory; and that of dad.

To those reading this now, what wish might you have to honor the memory of a loved one passed?  Again, if you so choose, offer it here.

The Third Wish

Today, on Christmas Day, my third wish is for you all… in this time and space.  I wish that you, this Season (however you celebrate it), choose three virtues to which you will devote your humble swagger as you walk through work and life now and into 2016 and beyond.  Choose three to which you will daily commit, that will serve you and those you serve.  Call them your Wholly Three if you like.  🙂

For me, and with both my health and service ultimately in mind, I will choose…

  • zeal (that wondrous combination of purposefulness and enthusiasm)
  • idealism (that belief in the highest good)
  • courage (that ability to fight the good fight)

There are more, but these three I choose now.

How about you?  Feel free to share here… and with others.  My bonus wish (if I get one and I do… as I am writing this)… is that you have a time of peacefulness, joyfulness, and unity.  Oh, and much…

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™