Character is a beautiful thing.  It inspires.  It strengthens.  It reminds us of who we truly are.  And it is best seen in others with the virtue of BEAUTY.  Beauty is that virtue which enables us to “see.”

Yesterday morning, as I was preparing to continue exploring the virtue of BEAUTY as a strength of character… I read the news of the passing of Alan Rickman.  This post from the Guardian was particularly exquisite.

My work with The Virtues Project and Epic Engageand as an educator… is all about character; as I see it.  Alan Rickman and his body of work was a thing of beauty, in the exploration of character.

At first, I was not a fan of Harry Potter.  Actually and truthfully, I had made widely ignorant assumptions of the story and refused to buy in… until I was introduced to the series in 2011.  The final movie I actually watched in theater, after seeing the rest on video in quick and successive and hungry fashion.  I was now fully on board.  All of the characters spoke to me; but none more than Snape.  That final scene with he and Harry, and the dropping of the tear to release the memories afterwards … a thing of beauty.

If I might get hugely real here for a moment (not that I do not anyway)… but, without knowing you Alan Rickman, I will miss you and I wish and pray that you soar now and inspire as you did here, but with even greater reach.  I mean this wholeheartedly and true.

That story line held up virtues of devotion, sacrifice, honor, strength and more.. all things of beauty.  High character is beauty.  Seeing it, recognizing it, acknowledging it, honoring it… is the application of the virtue of beauty.

We need it in our educators, coaches and leaders; that ability to see the good and the potential.

Secondly, and two nights ago, I was introduced to this video of an interview with Justin Baldoni.  Watch it, completely.  His work is noble and of integrity.  But watch it ’til the end.  Shout the Good is all about beauty; the ability to recognize and honor it in others.  I am in on Shout the Good.  You can find me there now too.  It’s all good.  🙂

Thirdly, this by Joe Calloway. I love Joe’s body of work; his integrity and honesty and clarity.  Simplicity is a thing of beauty… in business and in life.

I offer these three pieces because they all reference the power of the virtue of BEAUTY, in action.

Beauty is about looking for the good.  It is about seeking out and striving for the good.  It is about seeing it, honoring it… and encouraging it.  There is nothing soft or weak about it.  The life work of Alan Rickman is a beautiful thing.  The devotion of Snape is a beautiful thing.  Simplicity in business is a beautiful thing.  Shouting out the good is a beautiful thing.  We are talking strength here.  Real and pure strength.  If you are in any role of leadership in family, at school, at work or in community… the virtue of beauty will lift you and others up; not in some kumbaya way… but real.  Encouragement means to give courage and seeing the good (the beauty) in others builds that courage.  That is good for school, family, work and community.  It is the real power.

Indeed, and fourthly, in the coming weeks I will be joining Stephanie Staples on her radio program for what promises to be a possible regular and year long journey and discussion around reclaiming health.  I will be sharing my own insights as I walk my path back to full health.  I will be real.  I expect our conversations will be real and fun.  The point is that such conversations are beautiful things; dialogue and discussion and learning from one another.  If you agree… you can join us live at (details to follow). Either way, create your own beautiful and real conversations about things that matter.

For now, I will simply say that choosing to ignore this virtue is a strategic error.  Seizing it is a strategic strength.  I wish you a beautiful day.  🙂

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Some beautiful tunes to share today, IMO…

May It Be

Simple Man

Trip the Light

and this special beauty… The Hero Within… it is great for creating 🙂