The broadCAST™ is a monthly weigh in by members of The CAST™ of Epic Engage™.  Experts in their own right, members of The CAST™  are asked to answer a question of simple but possibly profound nature.  For February 2016, the question is:

For you personally, what is the importance of love in your work?


Love is everywhere–ESPECIALLY in your work. Love for what you do is the passion and dedication you put into your life’s work. Love is the empathy you have for your customer’s pain. Love is the community you create around your brand, your mission, and your purpose. At some point in the Majeed Mogharreban- lovepost-industrial revolution work world, management gurus thought it would be more efficient to treat workers like machines instead of human beings. As such, the rise of the logical, analytical, leave-your-messy-feelings-at-the-door, worker drone became the archetype to follow. Now, we are in the middle of a shift. This shift is part of a collective tipping point in human consciousness, and it is a call to come back to love. People crave to work with people they love. That includes co-workers, customers, owners, shareholders, community members and beyond. Love attracts love.  When you love your customer and you love your work, life is good. Love, Majeed.
Majeed Mogharreban is all about entrepreneurship.  He owned and sold five successful businesses and traveled to 24 countries before he was 21 years old.  After early success in business, now his mission is to support the next generation of entrepreneurs to make a difference doing what they love. With clients ranging from the United Nations, to start-up businesses, to an Olympic gold medalist, Majeed helps you discover your strengths and your passions so that work is meaningful and fun. His book, Winning At Life, is a guide for young people to make a plan and win at life.


It was really hard for me to add to what Majeed wrote… he captured my thoughts so well!! Here’s a little more to go along…  At one time I believed that finding or creating our dream job… something we REALLY love… was an essential part of our happiness.  I still believe that we each have a Sheena Grobb- loveunique gift to nurture and give the world… and when we find it, a natural love for our work is present.  But I’ve also learned that allowing love to flow into whatever it is we’re doing… from the exciting to the mundane… is a life practice worth exploring. WE are love.  When we give ourselves to everything… everything changes.  When we allow ourselves to BE love in all that we do, what we DO takes on a quality of beauty, creativity, and transformation for others.

Sheena Grobb Singer/Songwriter and Speaker… is humbly amazing. “It is without a doubt a masterpiece of songwriting and soundscape. Really incredible, soulful music. She will definitely get a huge audience in time, trust me.” Alex Wharton, Abbey Road Studios. A songbird from the age of two, songwriter at ten, with 3 albums under her belt, a nomination for the Western Canadian Music Awards, and over 500 tour dates across Canada, the US, and the UK, Sheena Grobb (one of Canada’s best kept secrets) is spilling over. With the release of her newest album, The Breakless Heart, mastered at Abbey Road Studios in London, and a life changing music video created by Lindsey Nelko (past choreographer with So You Think You Can Dance), Sheena is embarking on her most meaningful project yet – The Living Compassion Project™ – inviting others to “unlock their lives” through sharing their stories… as she begins to share hers.


As a teacher, I think that the idea of ‘love’ in my work comes from my absolute desire to help every student that wants to learn; to help them develop and grow to become the best they can be and see versions of themselves they never thought possible. When this passion is alive, it pushes away my William C. Murray- lovebarriers to teach well, including my ego, so that I can do anything to help someone else understand an issue. You want to write your business project on cows instead of hotels because you grew up on a farm and right now the only way you understand the topic is by referencing cows?  Cool – love it! I need to talk about buying toilet paper for 5 minutes to craft a link in your head with economies of scales? Done – love it! I also find that, as a learner, when I’m listening to someone who shows love for what they do, my barriers to learn, including fear and doubt, are pushed aside, opening new pathways of discovery.

William C. Murray is all about humanizing our business in two core ways: providing amazing service and building strong relationships. His passion for service excellence comes from years of hands-on experience in the hospitality, tourism and retail sectors. William is an author, story teller, an occasional painter, and a full time teacher with over 15 years of experience. He holds a PhD in management with a focus around meaning creation, language, and sensemaking.


The more I processed this month’s question, the more I began to realize that “love in my work” and “love for my work” were one in the same for me. I Trent Langdon- lovewas attracted to the teaching role (and eventually that of a school counselor) for the humanistic approaches and opportunities to make a practical and real difference for my students, their families, and the community. I have been fortunate to witness genuine and unconditional displays of love by people of all ages as well as work with those who struggle to see the love that exists in this world or require immense support to find a basic love for themselves.  It is the subsequent satisfaction and reward from my daily activities that drive the “love for my work”. Care-giver and community outreach roles continue to be quite rewarding for me and lovedrive my passion to instill values of mutual respect and empathy within my own children and my students.

Trent Langdon, M.Ed, Canadian Certified Counsellor is all about legacy and building yours by rewriting your ‘game plan’ or rejuvenating your organization’s foundations.  Trent is a strong believer that success and contentment is achievable through actions of integrity and character; for an individual or an organization. With more than 20 years of experience as a CHANGE AGENT for children, adolescents, families, schools, communities, and professionals, Trent can walk with you toward Personal Development and Discovery, Organizational Review and Renewal, and A Career / Life Plan for Teens.


Love is the keystone of a blessed life.  Love is a critical element to my work; so much so that it is more accurate to say that love is infused with everything I do.  For many – me included – this principle is rooted in faith. For me, ‘Love’ takes center stage in Scripture that resonates very deeply for me: “…And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”, and “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and Ray Hollisterwith all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.“  Clearly, the key to this is infusing my faith in my daily walk; I see no commandment to separate my ‘private’ life from my ‘work’ life, so Love becomes the centerpiece – the guidepost – for my actions. Thus, Love is of the utmost importance in my work. Let me end with how I started: LOVE is the keystone of a blessed life.

Ray Hollister is all about resilience and potential. He works with organizations to reveal extraordinary resilience and unlimited potential in everyone.   His powerful presentations will not only energize and inspire you, but also reveal how YOU can make radical, immediate changes to how you perceive, handle, and experience adversity resulting in experiencing life in a new and thrilling way.


There is an old expression: “If you love what you do you never have to work a day in your life.” I love what I do. Because I love what I do I am excited about starting every day. I am excited about what the day holds for me. I am excited about what I can accomplish. I am excited about the people I’ll connect with and the impact that I will have on them. This excitement makes me passionate about my work. That passion allows me to put all my Joel Sweeneyenergy into what I am doing. There is another expression that comes to mind: “You get what you send out.” This is sometimes referred to as the “echo effect”. I am blessed to be surrounded by good friends and supporters. They are a source of inspiration. I know that if I want to sustain that support and inspiration I need to provide them with a similar experience. I love the people I engage with every day. It is a great feeling to realize that you have made a positive impact on those you interact with. When you love what you do you are energized. When you realize that you are making a positive impact it is gratifying. Loving what you do and who you do it for means you are doing something that you want to do, not something that you have to do.

 Joel Sweeney is all about effective communications. He is a professional speaker, trainer, facilitator, personal coach and author of The Wedding MC Handbook and Little Helpings of Food for Thought with his third book, The Speaker’s Tool Box, just released in the Fall of 2014. Through his focus on communications training and his keynote speeches, Joel helps individuals and organizations maximize their potential. His messages are thought provoking, entertaining and laced with connection, humor and enthusiasm.



The contributions this month are diverse, deep and rich.  What can I add?  Some years back, I read Stephen Covey’s take on love as an action.  In so doing, I thought that if it was an action (and I believe it is; what we do for others with joyful excellence and our work results in the feeling of love) then it requires a process which I then coined as LOOKING inside ourselves for our strengths, seeking OPPORTUNITIES to apply those strengths where needed, having a VISION of how applying them might make the world or our corner of it better, and then ENGAGING to do it.  I still hold to this being how we might Barry Lewis Greenapproach our work, studies and life; bringing our best to whatever we do.  Still, as a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project™, I know that LOVE is also a virtue, pre-existent.  Without ever saying the words, I had a father who taught by example that love was an action at work and in life.  I had a mother who did so in teaching me it as a virtue.  Bottom line, I contend that love of work is the building block for excellence.  We will invest the time, attention and diligence to give it our best, and become better in the doing.  With my speaking, teaching, writing, cartooning and singing, I love what I do.  I strongly suggest we all find that expression of love in our work, whatever it might be.

Barry Lewis Green is an educator.  He is a dynamic motivator.  Yes, he is a motivational speaker of substance.  He is an expert who speaks.  Barry is The Unity Guy™. EPIC Engage™ is an extension of The Unity Guy™. It is a team with a mission born of Barry’s work.  He is about epic and noble leadership and wholehearted communities at work, school and everywhere; advancing together in thought, will and action. He is about uniting diverse talent to create cultures of growth.


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