The Lens of Character

Character leadership is our work.  I have said it before.  There is nothing simply “warm and fluffy” about the character of leadership.  Indeed, in leadership studies… trait theories would suggest that we choose and identify with leaders who possess the traits we believe to be necessary to be a great leader, in more than name and title.

I suggest that strengths of character are the most foundational of traits.  In so doing, I also suggest that it is necessary to look at leadership ultimately from the character lens.  Here is an interesting read around such an example.  This day, I constructively challenge you to have a read and ponder the strengths of character (the virtues) manifested and represented in this case.

Do you agree that these are the virtues of great leadership?  Consider mentors and examples of your own.  Start to inventory the qualities you see in the leaders you note.  By doing so:

  • you develop a more powerful character lens, and
  • you are better able to identify and articulate the qualities you admire, need to work on and/or find in others with whom you choose to work or who you hire and engage on your path.

And in so doing, you are perfecting that lens of character and getting increasingly clear on how you see and find leadership at school, work and community.  Put on your lens.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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