“For users, it seemed, LEGO was all about the summons, the provocation, the mastery, the craftsmanship and, not least, the hard-won experience – a conclusion that complex predictive analytics, despite their remarkable ability to parse “average” scores, had missed.”

From an interesting read indeed from Martin Lindstrom… on Lego and more.

And this from TED Talks and Simon Sinek.  Indeed, the Golden Circle that Simon speaks to and of…. the idea of why, how and what; I love its simplicity, truthfulness, mindfulness and openness.

The WHY speaks to me of character.  It is our reason for being; to be champions of boldness, creativity, compassion, justice or whatever state of being in which we so believe.  In traditional marketing, we speak to this as the ultimate core product… what benefit does the buyer seek to fulfill?  Organizationally, this is THE question.  In what do we believe most?  Is it independence of thought and action?  Is it resourcefulness and purposefulness for which we most stand?  Is it truthfulness and courage that are our collective highest ideals?

As Apple; possibly it is independence, creativity and flexibility.  For Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., possibly it was justice and truthfulness.  For the Wright Brothers… maybe openness and zeal in the possibilities that they would unleash?  And maybe what each offered or offers (the HOW and WHAT) are the ways that they champion/ed their causes.

When I think of my years with Dale Carnegie Training®, I think that their 104+ years of work and the vision of Dale Carnegie himself was to be the champion of confidence and appreciation… delivering on skills to achieve both.  When I think of my work with The Virtues Project™, I think that the core WHY was and is the belief in and celebration of humanity in its unity and diversity.  When I consider my work as an educator with the College of the North Atlantic, I think that the core, the WHY, would be resourcefulness… delivering on programs that make students ready to serve in the world of work.  For our own work, central to why we do what we do… is our belief in the nobility of the human race at family, school, work, business and community.

Ultimately, the WHY defines character; and it is defined by character.  Answering the WHY is the deep dive.  It is the sustaining dive; the one that gives you your deepest motivation and sense of clarity.  It allows you to better decide your path forward.  It supplies answers to the HOW and the WHAT.  Strengths of character and virtues are states of being.  As campuses, companies,  communities, countries and commonwealths, we can and must ask ourselves what will we champion…  What is our WHY?

What is your WHY?  What do you champion?  How about your team?  Your school?  Your business?  Your community?  Your family?  For what do you most stand?  Define it… and let it guide you.  In so doing, it will cause you to take greater flight.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


In theme… a tribute to another flyer with a hidden gem from BTO.


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