First, I invite you to read this on Prince.

I was and am a huge fan of the musical talent and personage and humanity of Prince.  On many occasions, I spoke to and of his brilliance in business classes I have taught.  Indeed, I feeling a mourning even now, for the loss of such in this world.

Now, with our work and that inspired by the work of The Virtues Project™ in heart and mind, I am going to look at this post noted above (which speaks to the entrepreneur that was Prince in this lifetime) through the Character Lens.

Connecting with your inner passion and purpose is extremely powerful.   I see purposefulness, zeal and creativity.

Success takes hard work and persistence.   I see persistence, determination, steadfastness, commitment, initiative, flexibility, integrity and resilience; all.

You can come from nothing and be successful. I see humility, strength, forbearance  and fortitude.

Tambourines are essential to life and are under appreciated.  I see simplicity, faith, faithfulness, fidelity and truthfulness.

You may see and name more.  In Prince, I also see the remarkable resourcefulness that is wholeheartedness.

and I see nobility.

But, isn’t that what we should see in a Prince?  Long live The Purple Reign of our own nobility in us all, as we may be inspired by his authenticity and excellence.  He certainly knew how to pick his battles.

Peace, passion and prosperity…. and Prince, thank you.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


While I sing, I do not play guitar (yet)… but if I did… it would weep.


Some more of the talent…


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