After some of our posts to date on Confidence, I dare to suggest 4 simple actions that can ignite and manifest access to the virtue; that strength of character.  In some of the sessions and work that I and we do, they are referenced as B.O.D.Y. Management™.


Smile.  Research is showing that smiling and feeling better; aka confident… are reciprocal processes.  They start and advance one another.  Smiling can start something special and not just for others.  Ultimately, we are talking about putting on your best game face.  Do it, and witness the research.


Breathe, deeply.  My understanding is that oxygen relaxes and energies in incredible balance.  Yoga is about breathing.  Deep breathing impacts metabolism, energy and more.  Breathe, baby, breathe; and not the shallow stuff… get that oxygen going.


This one is not necessarily about dancing in the office or school or wherever; though that has its time and place too.  This is about posture.  Our posture defines confidence or lack thereof.  How you manage your body impacts how you manifest access to confidence.  Indeed, in deed.


Watch Yes Man.  There is something to be said for saying YES, internally and externally.  When I teach cartooning in 60 seconds in my sessions, I ask everyone whether they can draw.  Only a handful indicate they can.  I then instruct them to, with feeling, respond to my reiterated question ” Can you draw?” with an enthusiastic “Yes I can!”.  It breaks some cob webs.  Then, in 60 seconds we all draw a cartoon character.  People discover something about themselves, and the power of YES.  By the way, I do not ask “Can you draw well?”.  The audience always implies it.  Can you draw?  Oh yes, you can.

So Confidence, the Virtue.  It is not unlike that Ocean you need to reach.  It is there.  You just need to reach it.  The B.O.D.Y. Management™ “buttons” can be part of your ride.  Try them out at school, at work, at home, at community.  See where that takes you.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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