Words that inspire me… let deeds, not words, be your adorning.  Indeed, in deed.  The words inspire the notion that the words are not as important as the action.  Interesting; almost “poetic” even.

This is the fourth installment exploring the virtue and strength of Confidence.  On LINKEDIN and here, we have looked at:

We also had The CAST™ offer up thoughts on intention.  Intention demands confidence.  And last week, we explored the power of the virtue of Simplicity.  All of this is to say and offer.

The simplicity and power of this message speaks to me of integrity and confidence.  It speaks to me of alignment and action.  Letting deeds, not words, be our adorning emphasizes the need for action and that requires confidence.  We talk a great talk; but that walking thing is what matters.  That will require the virtue of Confidence.

Face what life brings, self assured and trusting.  See our mistakes as powerful teachers, while practicing patience on the road to mastery.  Express ourselves and our talents, and with a positive and constructive attitude.  These all require action.  The feeling will be manifested in the action.  Take confident action.

Back on May 12, TEDx Youth St. John’s ran its event with a group of youth who each had a powerful message.  Their respective messages were both the result of their actions to date and demanded action of themselves and all of us going forward.  The world is in need of actions, beyond our words.   I am thankful for their messages.  I am thankful for their inspiration to both think and take action.  Therein lies great leadership at school, work and community.

In the coming weeks and months, on LINKEDIN, we will continue to explore character as the powerful basis of leadership that it is, indeed.  On Mondays, we will continue to look at a particular virtue as a strength of character.  On Wednesdays, we will examine character as a source of powerful organizational behaviour at school, work and community.  On Fridays, we will examine how we get clear, focused, confident and intent on making our deeds happen.  As I continue my road back into the classroom, this month… teaching Organizational Behavior… as I ready our Team for The Janeway Telethon on June 4-5… as I go about my work… the intent is to both explore and manifest character as the solid ground of great action.

Great leaders listen and act with confidence.  Great movements unite and offer constructive and considered solutions, with confidence.  Dysfunctional conflict, contention and apathy are all seen for their distraction in the face of confident consultation and cooperation.  True confidence, in action, offers results centered and thoughtful solutions and acts upon them.

Now there is the kind of action I can get behind.   Listening to one another.  Learning from one another.  Leveraging our collective wisdom.  Leading with thoughtful and deliberate and constructive action.

Let deeds, not words, be your adorning.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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