A few weeks back on LINKEDIN, we had been taking a look at the strength that is Humility.  We explored the MYTHtake of Humility and Working Together with Humility.  We even explored the notions of teaching, reaching and preaching as an extension of the exploration of this virtue; this strength of character.

Then on the evening of May 12th, we had the honor and pleasure of attending the TEDx Youth St. John’s event; the first ever.  Indeed, we had the honor of working with the youthful speakers (aging in range from 12 to 25) for a session on the character of communications about a month ago.  The youth who spoke last night were incredibly passionate and manifested this virtue we call Humility.  They spoke with zeal and creativity and wholeheartedness.  They shared with honesty and courage.  They explained with thoughtfulness and discernment.  All strengths of character.  Most of all, they delivered their messages as themselves… not speaking at us but with us.   We all felt present.  Humility provided us all that.

Great and substantive leadership does that.  It includes.  It values us all.  It is giving and receiving.  It is work in progress and learning centered.  It is perfecting not perfect.  It is real.

As we each move forward, how can we build and maintain a countenance of Humility in our words and deeds?  I humbly suggest that here is a 3 question daily checklist that might be useful in doing so:

  • In the morning, as we prepare for the day as best we can, ask ourselves… “How can I keep an open mind to learn today?”
  • In the evening, ask ourselves… “What did I learn today?”
  • At night, before retiring… thank each of our teachers for that day.

“Bring thyself to account each day” are words that inspire me. 

To account is to practice the strength that is Humility.  If we sharpen the blades on this strength of character, we will have people’s ears and maybe their hearts.  We will see and be seen as good and caring leaders.  We will manifest wisdom.  We will get things done.

Humility is not soft.  It is that wise and strong teacher that engages and empowers us to be our best, perfecting our own work in progress… and fostering progress for us all in the process.

To the organizers and supporters of TEDx Youth St. John’s… bounteous kudos for your service.  To the youth who delivered. thank you for humbling us all… and that is one damn great thing.

Be humble.  Be strong.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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