A couple of weeks back, we focused on the Virtue that is Creativity.  We explored it with three posts and Rockerperspectives, including:

Creativity is a Virtue.  We often think of it as a skill, and one to which some are born while many are not.  Dr. Edward de Bono recognized the Virtue or strength of character that is Creativity when he wrote The Six Thinking Hats.  His premise was and is that we are all creative, in one or more of 6 different ways; but we all have access to this thing called Creativity.  Sir Ken Robinson would argue same, me thinks.

Creativity is universally accessible; a Virtue of our humanity… our best side, if you will.  What stops or blocks our Creativity is our denial of it.  When we see creativity as a skill to be born with or acquired, it gives us license to reject the idea that we possess any such skills or talents.  When we understand that Creativity is a Virtue… a strength of human character, accessible by us all… we start to explore our potential.  We understand that it is an ocean that we can dip our capacity into and draw out results.

Results imply creativity.  If you turn conflict into peace, you are accessing Creativity.  If you turn uncertainty into certitude, you are accessing Creativity.  If you are turning chaos into order, you are accessing same.  If you are turning ignorance into understanding you are accessing this powerful Virtue.  Creativity implies transforming from one state to another; getting results.  We create when we do so.Collage

Creativity is the problem solving virtue.  It addresses an existing state and moves it to another state.  Moving cultures from mistrust to trust is creative.  Moving classrooms from doubt to confidence is creative.  When we consciously help transform, we are accessing our Creativity … whether it is a blank canvass into a work of art, or some chords into a song, or disorder and disunity into order and unity.

So there are 3 things to understand about Creativity.

  • It is pre-existent, whether you access it or not, it exists.  It is a Virtue, ancient and imperishable.  Creativity is not unlike an ocean.  It is there, waiting.
  • It is accessible, to everyone.  You are on the beach.  Your beachhead is your access.  It is as close as your life vein, not separate from you.
  • You must dive in, and trust.  Accessing Creativity implies that you must enter the water.  That requires acceptance and trust that Creativity is there, and the action is to simply start.

Creativity, the Virtue.  Take some time this weekend to explore and ponder how you best manifest it.  Then, go into next week, laying claim to your own footprint of Creativity.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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