I love these words of Baha’u’llahNoble have I created thee, yet thou hast abased thyself. Rise then unto that for which thou wast created.  They speak to the need to avoid knocking ourselves down and limiting our capacities to serve… and the call to set our best and highest standard and rise to it.  They are intended as a message from God, Source, or however one might name it; if one does at all.  Whatever your belief or none, I simply suggest you transpose your name for “thee”.  See how that reads and feels.  Repeat it.  Ponder it.  Munch on it.  Whether you have a faith or not, the experiment might just lead one to understand our best capacity, as humans.

With this in mind, I now suggest you have a read of these four posts from a few weeks back… on the Virtue that is Nobility.

As a child and youth, and as a Baha’i later in life at the age of 32, I believed and believe in the Nobility of HBBH Coverbeing human.  Indeed it inspired my first book, Human Being Being Human.  Indeed, it also inspired this statement on our home page with Epic Engage™:

We fiercely and unapologetically believe in the nobility of the human race and help build those strong and inspired cultures where everyone counts and contributes.  That is Epic Engage™, The Character Leadership Company. 

Certainly, it guides our purpose for excellence in going beyond behaviour to help build character driven, united, and resourceful organizations and communities around the globe.  Respectfully, we hold to our guns on this one.  With the eyes of Nobility we see the best and potential in us all.  For us, it is neither naïve nor foolhardy.  Our broad and deep experience tell us so.  Nobility sees potential and recognizes challenge.  It rises above and serves the greater good or cause or service.  It is not born of bloodline.  It is born of a universal birthright and its only test is our acceptance that we have access to this powerful virtue.

My suggestion, this day, is four steps to accessing Nobility as a leader at school, work, community and life.

  • First, read and reflect on the words above; devour them.
  • Second, ask yourself what do you best do and who do you best serve in doing so.
  • Third, ask yourself what strengths of character you best need to continue doing that.
  • Fourth, act on that daily and consistently.

In doing so, things will not always be easy.  But they will be right.  That is the course of great and responsive leadership; noble goals and actions to back them up.

So, I invite you engage these steps as a 90 day process.  See where that takes you.

That is my plan.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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