Decisiveness and better decision making is a capacity that strengthens our walk, and talk.

Today, July 2 2016, marks 5 years since I made probably the most misguided (though well intended) capacitiesdecision of my life.  Without going into particulars, not only was the decision ripe with error but it caused me to relinquish and surrender a significant level of trust in myself.  Though it did not stop me from carrying forward (thank you Steadfastness and Resilience), it did cause both a conscious and unconscious new sense of doubt.  That being said, our capacity to learn is the engine of our resourcefulness.

I say all this now because, over the past few days and due to an unrelated experiment, I am increasingly realizing the power of 4 strengths of character in making better decisions.

  • THANKFULNESS.  The more we are genuinely thankful, the less of a sense of “need” we have and are better able to make sound decisions.
  • HUMANITY.  The more that we understand that we all count, including ourselves… the better able we are to make decisions that represent what is truly best for all… now or in the longer run.
  • LOVE.  The more wholehearted we are in bringing our very best to the table, the higher our capacity for making decisions that are filled with our true and best loves of work, and community and home.  This one takes the distorted perspectives of ego out of play.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS.  The moment that we understand our own selves to be truly trustworthy, the more ready we are to listen to our own best wisdom.  In turn, we become one of our own best mentors and advisors… and best friends.

After years of reflecting on this decision of 5 years back; not obsessing but taking appropriate and necessary times to do so… these 4 virtues, randomly picked (I wonder though) over the last 4 days have had quite an impact.  Now, it is time to frame my future decision making with these in mind.  They will strengthen my discernment and decisiveness.

So, that all said, here are 4 questions to ponder:

  • How can you work on a deeper spirit of thankfulness that moves you beyond perceived need to understand that all is good even now?
  • How can you gain a greater sense of humanity to understand the importance of all involved in a decision, including yourself?
  • How can you love your decision more, essentially bringing your very best and your greatest care and attention to the decision at hand?
  • How can you advance your own sense of personal trustworthiness… to trust in yourself and your personal wisdom, realizing that you have “earned the right” to make a confident decision?

Just some thoughts I wanted to share, in case it might resonate.

Peace, passion and prosperity.Educator

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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