I am dedicating this post to Linda Kavelin-Popov and her work in creating and building The Virtues Project™ and her LKPnew book, A Scent of Sage. I see the dance in all of her work.

Consider This

Before getting underway, I invite you to consider the following.  Recently, we explored Wholeheartedness as a virtue; a strength of character.  We looked at:

We also examined Determination in:

And, I invite you to engage this video on Purposefulness.

Now, there are a few reads and views… should you choose… on ideas around what is ultimately wholehearted determination with a purpose.  In times of both trial and triumph, I suggest these partnered strengths are vital.  In times of change, big and small alike, they are a necessity for both resilience and excellence.  They form a dance trio that is a huge part of any success.  I now call them The Lesser Dance™… wholeheartedness, determination and purposefulness in action.

Another Trio: The Greater Dance

But there is a Greater Dance™The Lesser Dance™ is our power.  The Greater Dance™ is the arena in which to engage that power.  Yes, this morning, amidst my own experiences of change and life… I am brought face to face with another dance partnership… a bigger one… the BIG one, IMHO.

Increasingly, I am being the witness to the new buzz… mindset.  Mindfulness has been our buzz code for awareness; and Mindfulness is indeed a Virtue.  Now, increasingly, we hear of Mindset and how much it matters.  I do not deny its importance but I ponder its role, if you will.  These days, we spend so much time and attention on our mind when there are three elements to being human…  three partners in the BIG dance… mind, body and spirit… and they are partners.  They are The Greater Dance™, the arena.

So, where am I going with this?

The apparent absolutism of some of the Mindset messaging out there right now, seemingly gives the throne to the mind.  In my years with Dale Carnegie Training®, I was fully aware of and understanding that Dale Carnegie himself said “Act enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic.”  Sometimes it is not about feeling it or thinking it first.  It is about acting it.  That is the realm of the body.

  • Act with enthusiasm and you will be enthusiastic.
  • Act with confidence and you will be confident.
  • Act with compassion and you will be compassionate.

Each action has physical manifestations and practices.  In sports, we might call this Game Face.  In Collagetheater, we might call it some variation of Method Acting.  Either way, it fits into my experience with and understanding of character.  Character is accessible to all of us, in potential.  It is free to all.  Virtues exist whether we practice them or not.  They exist.  We simply need to access them by practicing them… and by doing so, we manifest them.

Mindset is important.  But so is practice.  Call it Bodyset maybe.  Steve Pressfield writes of this in The War of Art.  Creativity is practiced.  Sometimes the practice of any strength precedes the Mindset; maybe even, often times.  If you are having difficulty assuming the necessary Mindset, practice it.  That is the realm of the body; it is physical action.

Now, there are indeed blurred lines in the dance amongst mind, body and spirit; but that is what a true dance is… and it is a blessing.  It means that if we are being challenged in one area of the partnership, we can access another partner.  The mind does not have to kick things off.  Indeed, it could be argued that even the acting and practicing has a role for the mind in the decision making.  Indeed.  But also, in deed.  If you are not feeling or thinking the way you need to… you can act it, practice it and manifest it; not unlike pumping the gas to start the car.  Sometimes you really just have to do it.

Consider these virtues to the right.  Which you do you need to practice more?  Which do you not feel or Virtues on Blackthink as much as you would like, wish, desire or need, but could put into practice to build the wiring so to speak?  If that makes sense.  Engage the Bodyset and practice.

So, I am not denying the importance of Mindset.  But let it not become the new buzz.  Let it become part of the third partner that it is in the dance of success and life; The Greater Dance™.  They each can have each other’s back.  Actually, they do.  The connection is real.  Use it.

With that in mind, maybe it is still and ultimately important to “let deeds, not words, be your adorning”.  True for us all.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


Check out this video on The Present.  I think it speaks to wholehearted and determined purposefulness, as well as mindset, bodyset and spiritset (if we call it that).  🙂


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