Leader ToC™ with Hugh Culver

This month, with our third Leader ToC™ Blog Post, we interview Hugh CulverLeader ToC™ (Thoughts on Character) is our monthly series engaging leaders around the world on character, leadership and more.

Hugh Culver is based out of British Columbia, Canada.  From Hugh’s own site, IMAGES_key 4he is… “a recovering over-achiever who researches, writes, and speaks on how to THINK better, PLAN smarter, and ACT now on what really matters.”  Hugh speaks 45 times a year either on the main stage teaching his Think, Plan, Act model or one of his three workshops (leadership, conflict, time). The rest of his work time is dedicated to helping other speakers grow their business.

Some facts about Hugh

  • Co-founded the world’s most exclusive tour company and only private flights to the South Pole.
  • Build (or was a partner) in five businesses, including eco-tourism, construction, training and development, and whitewater rafting.
  • Selected to present (over 1,000 speeches and counting) to: Telus, Royal Bank of Canada, Fortis, PepsiCo, Shoppers Drug Mart, UBC, Canfor, and Suncor.
  • Canadian best-selling author (Give Me a Break—The Art of Making Time Work For You)
  • Ultra distance athlete, mountain climber, father, husband
  • Presented to faculty at four universities and three colleges
  • MBA, CSP (one of 50 Canadian Certified Speaking Professionals), CFP (one of 150 Canadian Certified Facilitation Professionals)
Yes, Hugh co-created the world’s most expensive tours (to the South Pole), started five companies, and consults to Telus, Shoppers Drug Mart, Red Cross, and Bell. He is the author of Give Me a Break – the art of making time work for you.

Leader ToC™


Hi Hugh and thank you so much for your gracious acceptance to do Leader ToC™ with us.  To get down to business, so to speak (two puns in one there I think), what is it that you do?


My pleasure Barry.  I teach people with expertise how to build a successful business as a speaker.


And so who do you best serve?


People who have had some experience as a public speaker and want to turn their speaking business into a full time business.


Ok, I get it.  In our vernacular, you unleash experts to be leaders through speaking professionally.  I like that.  It is, with my Character Lens on… all about empowering experts to build their speaking business… to be more of service.  In doing so, what are your thoughts on what makes for great leadership?


Leadership is all about matching vision with action and a team. At first, most leaders do everything themselves. Eventually they develop a team and teach others. The sooner the transition to a team happens the sooner a business can be built.


Vision, initiative and co-operation.  Agreed, a fully functioning and united team creates powerful synergy.  With that in mind, what is one challenge you feel requires engaging leadership at this time?


This is a challenging time to be a leader in business – the economy is unstable, technology has made competition more visible and costs have increased.


Hearing that.  In this world and our corners of it… change, big and small is constant.  What is the return on investment in facing that challenge, for you?


We are growing our business and recognize that the effort we are putting in now will be paying returns long-term. Our strategy is to stay very focused on our core market and to avoid most distractions in marketing and new product launches.


Oh, I am hearing that.  Our own experience with your incredible BOSS program engages that message.  Focus is a powerful notion amidst change; and a great closing note for this Leader ToC™.  Hugh, I want to personally thank you again for the time, amidst the purposeful busy-ness of your work and life.  It was an honor.


Again, a pleasure Barry.  Thanks for the opportunity.


Leader ToC™ out…


Over the coming months, around the third or final Thursday of each month… we will continue to engage and explore with experts and leaders around the globe.  We invite you to join us.

Until next month…

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


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