Epic Engage™ is a proud member of the Mt. Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce.  Why?

First of all, it s important to say that we love to sing the praises of organizations in which we believe.  We are all about advancing strong communities and MPPCC is that.  It is a community, and growing.  From our own first exposure last year, that sense of community was palpable.  Small to medium and even large size companies and organizations… connecting at community events, mixers and galas alike.  Our first year’s experience was remarkable.

We are a small company with a global market, but our roots are here and will continue to be.  In these times of apparent economic trial, we believe that unity and the synergy that comes from it is powerful.  The MPPCC is such a community.  We see it.  We experience it.  Amidst two communities growing in size and quality of life, the business community here is a strategic advantage for us all.

Consider going to the site of the Mount Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce.  Check out the benefits for yourself.  Consider the top three reasons offered on the site itself.

1. Advocacy & Policy – A key role for the Mount Pearl Paradise Chamber of Commerce is to represent the views of the business community on topics including federal, provincial, and municipal budgets, economic Member Servicesissues, legislation, infrastructure, etc.

2. Networking & Visibility – Meet people who live and work in our local area at networking events and luncheons. Exchange information with potential clients or service providers. Networking & Visibility opportunities include:

  • Lunch and Learns
  • Business Mixers
  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Best in Business Awards Gala

3. Member Benefit Programs – Affordable options that allow you to cut costs and offer products that enhance your business offerings. These nationally offered programs include:

  • Canadian Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
  • Merchant Services Preferred Pricing Program
  • ESSO Direct Driver Billing Program – Esso fuel discount of 3.5 cents per litre – extended to both business owners and their employees
  • Chamber eLearning – a program of over 1000 courses delivered online and geared to small business; this is a subscription-based service that your members can sign up for and then have access to the courses
  • Hotline to HR – especially good for small businesses who can’t afford an on-site HR dept; this tool offers 24/7 advice for employers
  • Quantum RBS – which is a new program for cloud data/recovery program
  • Johnson program for home/auto/travel insurance – www.johnson.ca/chamber
  • Mystery shopper program

Yes, we suggest that you consider going to the site yourself and having a look around.  Our experience tells us though that you Your MPPCCmight want to connect with some members, check out a mixer and get connected somehow.  There is real competitive and strategic advantage in being part of a lean and learning, mobile and robust business community to build connections, resources and resourcefulness alike.  AND this year, there are some new and cool additions to services involving and engaging social media, blogs and video… and more.

Yes, consider that look and connection.  We are definitely glad that we did.  Then, consider a look over, completion and submission of a membership application form.  MPPCC is a community of which you will want to be a part, we think.  We know we are glad to be.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™