In my last blog post, I launched into the concept of Fidelity as a virtue, indicating that it is about promise keeping.  Attached there was an excellent article on the relevance of Fidelity in staying true to strategy.

As an educator and one who believes that education is the force for excellence, growth and change, I contend that Fidelity builds strength of character, capacity and creativity.  Making our best promises and keeping them keeps us true to who we are, engages our growth and forces us to find ways to stay true to our promises.  There are no exit ramps.  We must be strong of character, capacity and creativity.

Today, and with the help of this piece by James Caan, I might suggest that a powerful precursor to Fidelity is authentic motivation.  During my own mother’s recent passing, I had a private moment to share with her… making four powerful promises which will be left unannounced except by their actions and realization one day.  That being said, prior to making the promises, I spent considerable time in powerful reflection and discernment.  I asked the what questions.  Most importantly, I asked the WHY question.  What was my pure motivation?

Motivation builds the bedrock of Fidelity.  Halfhearted promises leave room for vacillation.

Wholehearted promises stand the tests of time and trial… and lead to triumph.

So, in order to make and keep your best promises… personally, professionally and organizationally…. what is the WHY?  Get that, then make your promise.  Fidelity will be born of the right promise.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™