Legacy; anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessorStephen Covey and the 8th Habit speak to it.  My mother spoke to it; and speaks to it.

GREEN, Marion MacDonald (nee Pugh) – Passed peacefully away on April 20, 2015 at the Health Sciences Complex, Marion MacDonald Green (nee Pugh). Predeceased by her husband Malcolm and daughter Ethel. Leaving to mourn with fond and loving memories, daughters: Patricia Peddle (Roland) and Valerie Toms (David); sons: Barry (best friend Nicole) and Randy (Lynn); grandchildren: Kimberley Rguem (Tarik), Susan Daniels (Jeffrey), Krista Eltaher (Ramsay), Andrew Toms (Katherine), Ian Toms (Jannah), Scott, Michelle and Kevin Green; ten great grandchildren: Sebastian and Preston Rguem, Riley and Kinsley Daniels, Roly and Reya Eltaher, Edward and Aaron Toms, Emma and Julie Toms; also many nieces, nephews and their families, her many friends and special friend Michelle; special niece Dr. Barbara Grandy, her forever doctor-on-call. Also those wonderful staff and friends at Meadow Creek Retirement Centre in Paradise and the supportive staff at St. Patrick’s Mercy Home.

On Monday, April 20, 2015 at 9:57 am Newfoundland Time, my mother passed.  Whatever one’s individual belief, I believe she is passed on to something mysterious and wondrous.  I hold to that.  Still whatever one’s belief, what we can agree on is that when we leave, we do leave a legacy.  The question is what is that legacy?  For us, at Epic Engage™, the legacy of Marion Green goes something like this.

At 8:01 am April 20, 2015, I wrote on Facebook:

Went home for some sleep at 11 last night… and around 5 am was called in… mom’s heart has been remarkable figuratively and literally. Seems we have great genes. This morning she breathes her last breaths in this physical realm. As we sit with her, talk with her about our own relationships with her in honest and loving ways… I am reminded of the importance of living this life with grace, courage and strength. …  I promised mom this morning that, going forward, I will up the dosage on my life… bringing even more joy to my work in service, to my health and to the people whom I love. Epic. You have done well mom. You are, by your grace, courage, strength and love… my hero. In the words of “River” in Serenity… “my turn”.

Over these past few weeks in particular, Marion Green manifested courage, with humour and laughter.  She listened and hung on to every story shared.  Her eyes gave away a sense of wonder, awe and joy.  Amidst the news of pneumonia and the work involved in fighting it, she brought fierce love, grace and patience.  Wanting her ice cream and her sense of knowing “things”, she was a shining example of zealous but gentle truthfulness.  She demonstrated strength, kindness and forgiveness.  She was grace embodied.  Having lived a life of personal trial and triumph (in many ways, like us all), she took her last days and set an example for us all.

So, what is her legacy?  As I fed her one morning, only days ago, she looked at me and said “We are gonna make it.  Slowly but surely, we are gonna make it.”  As I type this, and we read it, tears flow.  My mother Marion MacDonald Green believed.  She believed, amidst the forces of both fear and love, that we are “gonna make it”.  As this company and its work moves forward, we dedicate and devote our work and service, our joy and effort… with these words.  We believe that “we are gonna make it.”  Not simply us at Epic Engage™.  We are all “gonna make it”.  Our role at Epic Engage™ is to join the fight so that, throughout the world, regardless of diversity (or because of it) … and through learning and living and loving together… with character, capacity and creativity…. we are all gonna make it.

We engage education as a force for excellence, growth and change.  We are an education company.  Ultimately, we advance companies. campuses and communities where everyone matters; where we are all gonna make it.   I am personally so very proud to be the son of Marion MacDonald Green.  Her legacy is our intent, and we hope to do her service and justice.

What will your legacy be?

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™, Strategic Leader – Epic Engage™

Nicole Fowler, Service Leader – Epic Engage™


PS, I love you…

I always sang Simple Man by Shinedown with mom (and dad) in heart and mind… love you both…