Rather than simply wishing a Happy New Year, I am considering the notion of wishing one of meaning. Just yesterday, I posted on exploring the juncture of past, present and future; and I humbly recommend the read and reflect. But, here now, I want to look at what I call the TaCtical approach to meaning.

It has been been almost 3 weeks since I posted on Habit Seeding. And, just last evening, I posted on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram…

  • As a Baha’i… I have two calendars around which I circle. I have 2 New Years. 😉 The Baha’i Calendar has 19 months of 19 days each… starting March 20 of the Gregorian Calendar. The year ends with a 4-5 day period in late February (not part of any month called Ayyam-i-Ha) and The Fast which is the last 19 day month before the New Year (Naw Ruz). That said… the next month starts tomorrow. It is the month of Sharaf… Honor. #Honor is a Virtue I have long held sacred and The Month of Honor is a special one for me and also begins around the Gregorian New Year. Tomorrow is that beginning day… and this time… I am going to dive deeper into how Honor best resonates for me going into 2022. Insh’allah. ❤

Today is that Day of Honor. And, I am seeding those new habits. When I think of honoring ourselves and our lives, I consider my own education, experience, observation, expertise and Enthusiasm for what I call the TaCtical approach to meaning.

Temperament, Character and Meaning

My work is driven by studentry around Temperament and Character. My experience has helped me identify 5 core temperaments which we each possess and manifest in varying degrees. The MOVER who is inspired to take action and driven by virtues of Initiative and Zeal. The THINKER who is inspired by exploration and driven by the virtues of Curiosity and Discernment. The BUILDER who is inspired by doing the work and driven by Orderliness and Commitment as virtue. The CONNECTOR who is inspired by emotion and driven by Unity and Empathy. The DREAMER who is inspired by possibility and driven by the virtues of Idealism and Creativity. While there are many models around temperament, I suggest that these 5 archetypes exist in us to varying degrees. The key is not in the labels but understanding and accepting what inspires and drives us. And, we are the best judges of such if we practice courageous Candor with ourselves in doing so. The TaCtical approach to meaning speaks to the notion that we must consider our Temperament and Character in exploring our best sense of PURPOSE.

Finding our Five

With that in heart and mind, Character matters in determining such. Considering what our 5 core strengths of Character are can help in that.

What 5 are like oxygen to you? This can help guide how we best determine and leave our mark…. and be our own best hero in our story.

And 4 Questions

Exploring that best sense of Purpose is driven by 4 questions. What do I love? Of that which I love, what am I good at? Of that which I love and am good at, what is most needed in the world? And, of that which I love, am good at, and is most needed, what can earn me a living of sorts in offering same and such? Meandering through these questions can help with building Congruence in and for our lives.

LOVE and Meaning

That all said, I have often offered up that we need to reconsider LOVE as action, something akin to what Stephen Covey proposed. If LOVE is a virtue in action, then I offer that it starts with LOOKING inside ourselves for our strengths of Character, Ability, Skill and Knowledge (CASK)… inventorying same. Then we consider what OPPORTUNITIES exist where our best strengths are needed. Then we get clear on a VISION in our head and heart that “sees” how the world (or our corner of it) will be better served when we apply our strengths to those opportunities of need. Finally, we simply ENGAGE and do that. When we wish to better LOVE our work, our community, our school and those around us… we can apply these 4 elements.

What Matters

Meaning matters.

Studentry as an approach to mastery matters.

Focus and where we place our attention matters.

Happiness is a wonderful thing to wish for ourselves or others… and I do wish it for you… but I suggest that it is best grounded in meaning and purpose.

As I enter these last days of 2021, I am focusing on meaning. What matters most to me in ’22?

And so, I wish you a New Year that is meaningful. I wish you the trials and triumphs that will make it so. I wish you the things that will celebrate, serve and draw upon your best sense of Temperament and Character. I wish you the intent to explore and learn more about yourself and what you bring to the world… because you do bring something to the world that is needed. We all do. Our best and highest road is exploring that.

Have the most meaningful of years.

Peace. 😉

Barry Lewis Green, The Unity Guy with Epic Engage.

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“Intelligence plus character—that is the goal of true education.” ― Martin Luther King Jr.

Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing. ― Abraham Lincoln