On Monday, we posted on The Heroic Now.  Even now, I invite you to have a first read or a review if you have already done so.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary offers:

Definition of heroism

heroic conduct especially as exhibited in fulfilling a high purpose or attaining a noble end… the qualities of a hero

We consider heroism to be a prime ingredient in what we call the epic leader… front line or top line or anywhere in between.  It is not a title but an identity and role.  With marches planned and causes and actions, local and global, being lead and fulfilled… it might be a valuable exercise to identify the recipe heroism.  If we value heroism, maybe it is timely to identify its strengths of character.  Trait Theories on Leadership say that people identify leaders by the qualities that they think leaders should have and then see, around them, who might possess those qualities.  Heroism can be examined in the same way.  We identify heroes, consciously or unconsciously, by the traits we believe a hero possesses and then see who possesses them.

Take some time to consider the strengths of character that make for the heroic.  Examine the poster in that aforementioned and earlier post on LinkedIn.  Make a list of the qualities (virtues) that you believe are integral to heroism.  Upon doing so, you are now more mindful and aware of your own perceptions of heroism… and can indeed better encourage them in yourself and others.  It enables and empowers the growth of heroism in our classrooms, companies and communities.  The world, locally and globally, needs more of it.

Next up, we will look at some simple strategies around possibly encouraging it.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™

Barry is ultimately a strength coach and educator. His work is about exploring, identifying, practicing and mastering our strengths and building upon them through practical and powerful unity and resourcefulness. That is why Barry is The Unity Guy™. EPIC Engage™ is an extension of The Unity Guy™. The Epic work is all about building strong, united and inspired cultures lead by character… at school, work and community; where everyone matters and contributes everyday.


Singing of MLK.

Singing of Malala.

A song for the hero.

The words of Tauriel on the necessary fight.


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