Alignment is everything. Think about it. Whether we call it “the zone” or “groove” or authenticity, integrity or branding… it is about meaning what we say and saying what we mean; doing what we mean and meaning what we do. It is filled with intention, and may start as conscious action but leads to, and sometimes starts with, unconscious habit. Diligence and determination build it. It becomes our excellence. It builds trust and trustworthiness alike in that people can depend on us to be and do in accordance with who we are. It is about mastery in real world ways. It is the ultimate branding.

Alignment requires everything. Our words and our actions agree. We work to ensure that we are true to who we are, consistently. My own identity as The Unity Guy™ came face-to-face with this idea, this past week. With the horrendous news out of Ottawa and the death of an innocent and unarmed man…. and the subsequent “discussion” on social media, I was tested. On the one hand, I was horribly moved by the hideous act of murder. It caused every cell in my body to experience revulsion. So did some of the reactionary rhetoric; the blanket bombing of the Faith of Islam. I choose now not to deliberate on same but will say that it has been a challenging week for this Unity Guy™ to process. I weighed in on discussions, standing in the face of both terrorism and racism alike. Through it all, I realized a question I had to face. What is unity and how is it created through my own actions? For me, unity is not uniformity. It is born and raised amidst healthy diversity. It cannot exist in cultures of fundamentalism of any kind, based on race, religion or nationality. That being said, this past week caused me to reflectively question the delivery of my message on line and in person… and here is what I have determined.

First, the light does not concern itself with the darkness. It is not distracted or discouraged by it. It is fierce and focused. This is true of building strong, diverse, and united cultures at work, school and beyond. Battling divisive forces is not the concern. Shining as examples of strong unity in diversity is the work. It is my work. So, alignment calls me to take some specific actions. Going forward, I will choose NOT to weigh in on “discussions” clearly filled with extremes entrenched in their views. I have no wish for futile and agenda-based debate. I do desire to consistently and effectively and fiercely put forward a message for building strong, diverse, and united communities at work, school and beyond. So, with social media, here is my alignment… where the rubber hits the road.

EPIC Engage™ is a team all about authentic engagement as a path to advancing strong, diverse, and united organizations… and epic leadership. The EPIC Engage™ Facebook experience will be a daily source of news and short one paragraph blogs, article and blog links, video and music that address authentic engagement as a path to advancing diverse, united organizations and noble leadership. The EPIC Engage™ Twitter experience will be about daily article links, blog links, pics around news and activity going on advancing the same engagement. The EPIC Engage™ Linked In experience will see weekly news, articles and blog links that address that same authentic engagement. The EPIC Blog™ will house weekly produced substantial, original material that is 3-5 paragraphs in length with appropriate links… again, as a path to advancing diverse, united organizations and epic leadership. That is EPIC Engage™. It is our engagement as a team. On the other hand, but joined, THE UNITY CONNECTION™, is my own personal and professional space; my solo act. While in alignment with EPIC Engage, here you will find weekly mini blog posts, including video, music and more all around promoting unity… more free flowing, personal but professional.

I am the 800 pound gorilla intent on the message that together we are not only better and stronger, but healthier and happier.  It is not about “pie in the sky”.  It is about building a bigger, better pie, together.  It is not about “fitting in” but finding our best strategic “fit”.  So, alignment is everything. Everything requires everything. What is your everything? Be and do that. You will find consistency, excellence, trust and genuine success.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™