AUKwords is coming!

Over a month ago, and following my last CT Scan, I wrote this post on LINKEDIN.  What’s it gonna be indeed?  In it, I wrote of my love for cartooning.  Since that time, I have pondered where I take that.  I use it in my workshops and training to demonstrate capacity and a process of learning that I engage.  But, I want more of it.  So, starting this week, and once a month, right here… I will be producing what I call AUKwords Cartoonumn™.  It is born of a long held idea of using cartoons to help deliver on messages.  AU is the symbol of gold.  K is the symbol for king.  Auk is a seabird.  And it is all in honor and homage to my fave comic strip of all time… Breathed’s Bloom County and Opus the Penguin.  So, it all comes together, for me.For you?  My hope is to engage with a “funny” and maybe address a question or an answer along the way; driven by matters of character, capacity and creativity.  Once a month.  So, for now… I do fiercely and unapologetically believe in the nobility of the human race and help build strong and inspired cultures at school, work, family and community… where everyone counts and contributes.  AUKwords™ will be another creative vehicle in doing so. 

So, in answer to “What’s it gonna be boy?”.

AUKwords™.  Hope you tune in.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™


While driving behind that bus that day, this song by Shinedown was playing… in some ways, it is still kind of appropriate.   Oh yeah.  🙂



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