The thought that we should be unaffected by our circumstances to find peace is dangerous. Detachment does not imply a disconnection from our emotions. It does imply we can manage and use our emotions to make change.  Injustice should cause anger. What we do with anger determines if it is healthy or not. Seeing anger as a fire alarm to injustice is normal, healthy and prescribed. Dwelling in and on anger is not. But to suggest that we should not be affected by what goes on around us denies us our very power as human beings… the power to feel and to use our feelings to make change.

Emotions and moods are called “affects” in psychology and affects, once properly accepted, embraced and used, can be the fire of great change. I choose to be affected by the world but by ever learning to be the best master of my emotional “horses”. Harness your affects. .. don’t ignore them or buy into them being less than desirable.  These emotions are noble, if used without dangerous obsession.  They give us the power to dream; they are our battle cry.

True peace comes from being nobly human including all our feelings. Water rushes, stands still, flows gently and falls from great heights. It is affected by its surroundings but always is true to its being… peace in all its forms.

Peace, passion and prosperity…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™