First, if you have not read  Come Together, Right Now… I invite you to do so.  Second, and either way… I suggest you have a look and listen to this tribute to MLK…. or the original.

Today is a celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.  Today, millions choose to honor the memory, work and dream of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He had a dream, and it is still unfolding.  There is still work to do, but the dream has power, even now.  As a student of the power of character to build capacity and creativity… and as a Master Facilitator with The Virtues Project globally… I have to ask.  What strengths of character do you witness in Martin Luther King, Jr.?  Name them.

Now, claim them; for yourself.  We each have our dreams… not those idle wishes or vain imaginings… but dreams of deep importance.  Maybe they are local or regional or global.  Maybe they are for your family, school, work, business or community.  Maybe you have forgotten them, or at least placed them on some shelf.  We do that.

Our dreams might be for our children… or for our community.  They may be for the start up and success of a business that makes a difference.  They may be in public service.  They do require us to remember them in order to keep them alive.  More importantly, they do require work.  Even more importantly, they require us to consider character and how it will be needed to plant the seed and make it grow.  Those qualities you named in MLK earlier; claim them.  They are your birthright.  They are our collective birthright.

The virtues belong to us all, whether we choose to practice them or not.  But, we do have the power to practice them.  As we do so, with diligence and determination, the behaviors that come with them align and become habits.  I call it “sharpening the blades”.  It is what Steven Pressfield speaks to in his book The War of Art; a favorite of mine.  It is the work of the work.

What is your dream?  When will you commit to it?  I mean commit.  Maybe you have already.  Maybe it is not yet time.  Maybe it is.  Either way, it will start by finding the strengths of character that you need to…

  • acknowledge and accept the dream
  • unleash and announce the dream
  • put in the work to realize the dream

So what is your dream?  What will make you believe?  What strengths of character do you most need to draw upon to acknowledge, accept, unleash, announce, and work on your dream… for your family, school, work, business, community… or the world?

I believe that our most real dreams are planted somehow within us.  I also believe that as we each arise to follow our best dreams, we actually do begin to serve the greater whole and come together, right now.  That is part of my dream.

Peace, passion and prosperity, for all…

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™