So it is Ground Hog Day.  Considering the movie of same name, I thought I might launch into February with an idea around treadmills and treading water and getting things done; moving beyond the seeming repetition surrounding getting at things.

I am a multitasking machine; at least I am known to be.  That being said, true multitasking is a myth.  Other than automatic functions, our brains, as they are in function now anyways,  were not built for pure and simultaneous multitasking.  Sure, we can perfect skill in switching gears with almost immediate response but it cannot truly be sustained.

This weekend, my business manager, Nicole Fowler, and I took on the task of re-engineering Pseudio One, the true epicenter of our creative work at EPIC Engage™.  There was much to do and the temptation was, at first, to break it into bits and alternate with other tasks to creative variety and placate my multitasking drive.

We decided against, and pursued a more conscientious and devoted approach.  The result was not only a newly re-created creative space, but additional readiness to take on the next task in sequence.  There is something to finishing a task that readies one to take on another.
Stretching ourselves amongst many projects creates a continual sense of incompletion.  Sure, there are times when multitasking is not only preferable but vital… but it is not a sustainable state.  While I drive, and love driving, a standard transmission, the constant switching of gears will burn out the clutch.  There are times when such responsiveness is necessary but the ideal is to find great stretches where we are in one gear.

That all being said, I am taking this notion to a daily application.  With Nicole recently joining the team at EPIC Engage™, I can now turn my attention to daily projects around blogging, research, distribution of value added ideas and thoughts, and my creative work.  You can expect, and possibly even look forward to, uploads and offerings to either brighten or further engage your day at work and life.  That consistency is now made possible by both Nicole’s presence in our work… and my approach to one project a time.

Engagement, epic engagement, requires an ALL IN mentality.  Sometimes that requires us to be responsive and shift gears.  More often than not, it requires us to put the pedal to the metal and get to where we are going.  This weekend, we did so with Pseudio One and feel the better for it.  See the results.  It is a space wholly conducive to creativity and solution development.  Going forward, I intend to replicate that feeling of accomplishment daily.  It serves to strengthen capacity and build prosperity.

Focus and get it done, whatever “it” is.  See how that feels and works, then stay tuned for more to come.

Peace, passion and prosperity.

Barry Lewis Green, aka The Unity Guy™